High School Kid Asks Kate Upton to The Prom

In the city of Los Angeles where the hottest women in the world reside and where the aliens always attack first, wait, that is New York, my bad, we bring you the tale of Jake Davidson, a  kid with big balls who asked super model demigod Kate Upton to The Prom via YouTube. 

He also has a Facebook Page to get support from people for this noble cause (to the right, to the right!). All these efforts have led him to become the latest internet celebrity and he has done the rounds on a bunch of TV shows and he has managed get himself quite some press. (The Today ShowKTLAPop SugarCNN)

For readers who might still be living in the ATS (African Traditional Society) age, Prom is the equivalent of Sosh or Kadanke or…wait a minute! If you are still leaving in the Stone Age generation, you probably don’t know what Sosh and Kadanke are either. Meh, I give up. You are a lost cause!

Moving on, I understand that not all of you might have heard of Kate Upton. Well, I happen to have a very kind heart so go ahead and click this link and be enlightened! An ancient Buddhist saying also has it that an image is worth 1000 words and a gif is worth 1000 pictures.

Welcome back from the commercial break. So, turns out the kid has become quite popular and Kate Upton actually tweeted him back saying she would check her schedule. She then went ahead and surprise called the kid when he was making an appearance on The Today Show.

Say What Now?!?!? A video!! That’s all it takes to get her attention. Challenge accepted. If this exquisite example of Gods craftsmanship allows to go to go to the prom with this kid, I am going to also make a video asking Rihanna to go on a Rolex date with me. Agawalayi


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