Half the battle is just showing up.

I was invited to participate in a Leadership course a couple of months ago. While in the past I have said “Let me get back to you” only to mostly choose everything else over opportunities like this that benefit me and mine, by extension; this time I said YES first and then let everything else work around the new schedule.

The classes are in the morning which is a personal struggle for me. For some reason, the past 3 have come on days when the insomnia is/was at its worst.

Today’s found me operating on two hours of sleep after a long frustrating week 

I have considered cancelling on each of these days.

The truth is, my absence would not really affect anyone but me.

However, each time, I have chosen to show up as I am, and try to be as present as possible. Somehow, the brain has complied which I am ever so grateful for.

I know that if someone needed me and I felt this lethargic, I would still carry my zombie-like shell to their side so why not show up for myself too?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong advocate for rest, in all its forms and I have had to teach myself to say no to things to create more time for rest.

Yes. “I am busy” can mean you are busy resting 

By all means, please take time off when you need it.

But there are days when showing up, even when you don’t feel like it, is absolutely necessary. Like with most things, the trick is in finding the balance, I guess.

I mean, if you work at a job you hate but need to pay the bills, how often can you call in ‘tired’ before the job is taken away?

Now imagine how much more worth it, showing up is/will be for things and people you actually care about.

May you have the strength and courage to show up, consistently, especially for yourself.

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