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Guess Who Graduated Start Up School :)

As I sweat over the final preparations for the Muwado Launch Parte! on Friday, I have a small small milestone I am also celebrating. At around the time I was deciding to focus my energies on pushing the Muwado agenda, I got a notification in my email about a new class for the Y Combinator Startup School.

Y Combinator is like the world’s biggest incubator for startups and getting into their program, which involves time spent at their silicon valley headquarters as they hold your hand, is like startup arrivism. And because they are nice like that, they created the Startup School to share some of the lessons they have learned naturing all these successful global businesses over the years, for free.

I have an embarrassingly long history of signing up for free online courses and never completing them but this has never stopped me from signing up for more. I was not about to break that tradition, especially since it seemed like the timing for this one correct. So sign up I did and then crossed my fingers that I’d complete.

10 weeks later, I got this notification that I had actually finished the course. Yay me! Interesting things happen when a scatterbrain like me decides to focus. It’s been 10 weeks of learning from some brilliant brains and weekly conversations with other ambitious people from all over the world with promising ideas to compare notes on how best to make out venture take off. No regrets whatsoever.

If you are out there trying to build a business of any kind, check out their website for the dates of the next intake and take advantage of the wealth of resources within. You can also head to their youtube channel and watch all the lessons there for all their previous intakes as a starting point. Sagala sawulide. They even have a $15,000 grant that you can apply for if you graduate but I snoozed on that one. But there’s always next time.

Alright, I am done celebrating my graduation *tosses imaginary graduation into the air to the sound of ululations. Let’s link up on Friday and we celebrate Muwado. RSVP here,, to attend the event and the Ubuntu Rave V for free and, if you can’t make it, do the right thing and create an account with us so I don’t have to beg you.


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