Golola Moses: A man chasing a dream.

This is an article I did way back when Golola Moses was still trying to make a name for himself. Read through and maybe you can compare and contrast the man he was and the man he is now. I am still a big fan and hope he manages to achieve some of his bigger dreams.

Probably, most of you are members of the Golola Moses Fans Facebook group, have seen him in the newspapers or maybe you have heard a group of guys talking about his legendary superpowers. Just in case you have no clue who he is, you deserve a Golola kick for not knowing the champion! You can go and update your brain by googling him (apparently Google does not search for Golola, Golola searches for Google!).After discovering Golola online, I decided to go and find out what the man himself is all about. What follows is what I discovered about Golola Moses the man behind the myth. And what a learning experience it was. I hope my narration of the interview leaves you with the same feeling I left with after.

Golola is everything you would expect him to be…big, muscular and a very expressive character. Those who have seen the videos know what I am talking about. Let us begin with his main passion, kickboxing!

Professional Career

He is famous for his lethal kick and with good reason. Golola Moses is the reigning Kickboxing champion of East and Central Africa and has been for a couple of years now. He started kickboxing in 2000 after he realized he had an advantage over the other fighters. In order to understand his rise to the top of kickboxing, let’s look at what he did before that.

It all began with a dream where he dreamt he was representing his country Uganda at the top level. But he wasn’t sure what he was representing his country at. So he set out to discover his talents. So he played football, attempted music and dance, switched to boxing where he left as the champion light middle weight, body building where he won the Mr. Ntinda 2001 title which he holds to-date and finally decided to try kickboxing. He figured that with a combination of his boxing experience and taekwondo skills which a friend taught him, he would fare well. It turned out to be a good choice!

He conquered Uganda and then decided to go regional to represent his country and he has fought in Mwanza, Zanzibar, Ethiopia and Dar-es-Salaam. His professional fighting record is 1 loss, 1 draw, 1 win and 10 KO’s!! His only defeat was in Zanzibar to Japhate Kaseba, the East African champion at the time and current world champion. Golola is so feared that on the eve of one of his fights, his opponent called him to tell him his mum had refused him to fight Golola!

The Hustle

Reading about Golola’s career, you might be led to believe that he is well off. On the contrary, Golola’s story is filled with hardships. He is a man who is proud to represent Uganda and takes every opportunity to make his nation proud.

The most amazing tale is of how he got invited to Addis Ababa for a fight when he was in Nairobi. Golola didn’t have money but was determined to make it so he hitch hiked a ride from a truck which was transporting camels from Nairobi to the border. Upon reaching the border, he was denied entry because he didn’t have a visa. Golola managed to get into the country by dressing as a Muslim woman but was nabbed once again. He was almost thrown him in jail but the policeman in charge, a former karate fighter, heard his story and let him go. With no money to take him back to Nairobi, Golola spent two weeks at the border town and survived by training the bodaboda men there in exchange for food and shelter. He finally got a ride back to Nairobi on a truck that was collecting scrap. Golola got to Nairobi after 4 days and the biggest regret he has from that experience is not getting to represent Uganda at that fight! Talk about being patriotic.

Of recent he also lost his gym in Ntinda due to failure to pay rent but hopes to get it back one day. Life so far has not been good to Golola but he has great hope for the future and continues to pray to God that the dream he had when he was young will come to realization.

Love Life

You must be wondering what kind of love life the champion has. Well, the champions cohabited with a lady whose name I didn’t get and he had a child with her during that time. His son is now 5 years old. The lady left him after 7 years and left our champion heartbroken. He figures she left him because she got tired of waiting for him to realize his dream but he has no hard feeling because she supported him through some of his toughest moments.

He swore off Ugandan women after so, sorry to any Ugandan girls out there who might have wanted to get a feel of that muscular body! But Golola, with a hearty chuckle admitted to occasionally tasting the forbidden fruit!

The Hot Temper

When asked about the legendary hot temper that is not to be tempered with, Golola admitted he reacts to provocation but reasoned that for one who fights for a living, people should be more cautious before they think of provoking him. So, there you go people, respect the champion and there will peace otherwise you won’t know where the kick that knocks you out comes from.

The Future/Dream

Golola Moses is a man with big hopes and big dreams which evolve representing his country at the highest level of kick boxing. He trains every day without fail for four hours minimum so that he is not caught off guard when the day comes and he is able to go represent his country He told me of a time when his father found him jogging early in the morning and told him that he was going to end up a thug and that he was training for those times when he would need to run away from crime scenes. Golola dreams of the day his dad will see him lift the world championship so he can realize all his efforts where worth it.

He tells of how he has been approached several times by thugs who want him to join them and use his skills to terrorize innocent people but he continues to follow the straight path. He even at one point refused an offer to go and work in Iraq because he thought it might side track him from kick boxing. Such is his dedication to kick boxing.

Golola also hopes to help use his skills to help kids get off the streets and do something good with their lives. Another dream is to act in a movie one these days and with such a life story, I am hoping to see ‘The Rise of Golola Moses’ in cinemas soon.


Golola’s other talents include cooking and massage. He likes listening to slow music because it relaxes him. Who knows what might happen if you mix a hot temper with for example hard rock? Nah, I don’t think we should risk it. He actually took a cooking course and one of his dreams is to open up his own restaurant where he can do his thing.

About Facebook

Golola Moses is very aware of his fans on Facebook. The group was an initiative of David Nagimesi, Jona Kagimba and other friends who are the administrators and the aim is to build Golola into a brand that can be utilized to help him achieve some of his goals in life.

Word to my people my fans.

Golola would like his people his fans to help him represent the country in kickboxing. We at E’lyt are doing this by bringing you his story and hope that you can begin thinking of ways to help our champion.


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