Gipiir and Labongo #23

By Ashley

Just as revenge is not for the weak, it is also not for the wronged. When such ferocious revenge takes over your soul, all that is left is a terrible decadence. Man can easily lose himself while trying to get back at the evil that wronged him. After all, it is true that in order to beat the devil, you must turn into a greater evil. Revenge is never for the wronged but rather for the powerful!

Katabani was back to being a shadow. His hatred growing more with each dawn and his hopes of revenge growing dimmer than a dying fire each and every day. Like a lost soul, he still wondered this dark and cold forest day and night. Whoever spoke of the light at the end of the tunnel must have been blind. For Katabani, this seemed to be an endless pit of rage.

While his chest burned with pent up anger, his enemies rejoiced into the dead of the night. Every time he saw them sit around a fire, roasting game and laughing the night away, his heart burned like the fiery  pit where his uncle Walumbe resided. Was the mighty Kaikuzi right after all?

“In the heat of revenge, you shall lose yourself!

You will dirty your soul until you recognize yourself no more..

Every value once known to you will haunt your existence

You will then long for a long lost redemption.

Turn back while you still can,

Turn back before your engulfed by the dark!” 

His words echoed through the entire forest. As the wind blew fiercely, the trees seemed to be roaring the same message uncle Kaikuzi had said to Katabani. Was this really the end? Where was the justice that Shwenkuru had always rumbled on about then? 

“NESSI. NESSI. “ Katabani roared with tears streaming down his eyes. He fell to his knees, and his palms immediately turned into fists. Katabani severely hit the forest ground with all his might. 

“ I will make everyone pay. You can not go in vain. Only blood will quench this thirst that I carry in my soul. ” He shouted.

His shouting did not cease, and as if on cue, the tempest also grew grimmer. In an instant, a strong rumble of thunder shook the ground that Katabani knelt on and he fell forward, his face hitting the ground. This was accompanied by a bolt of lightning, which struck right in front of Katabani. Shaking all over, Katabani kept his head on the ground. 

“Brother,” came a voice right in front of Katabani.

Katabani quickly looked up. This voice only belonged to one and He could never be mistaken. When he looked up, he was blinded by the bright light that surrounded the silhouette. He could not see her face, but he definitely knew it was  Nessi’s voice_ or was it?

“Nessi? Is that you?” he wailed.

“Once again I say, the spear and the bead shall come face to face and a sudden darkness shall cover their heads. Cries and wails shall be the only sound hovering through the night. The World shall fall at your feet as the blood that you ferociously thirst for shall spill in these lands. There shall be disruption, pain, anger and rejection.” Said the silhouette. 

Katabani’s face turned as white as ash as he listened to these words. Where exactly had he heard these words before?  Before he could even answer his own questions, the brief silence was broken by a rumble of thunder. This silhouette then raised her eyes to the clouds and rumbled on.

“The score has not been settled yet! 

Blood shall be spilt, but not by thy hand.

Clans shall fall apart but not by thy will.

Disaster shall soon fall, just you watch!

Brothers shall wield their swords to each other’s necks,

They will stab each other in their backs and their offspring shall be each other’s enemies.” The silhouette chanted.

Katabani shook like a leaf.

“So, I say to you, return to your rightful place and return thee not to the way of man but to the way of a real man. You do not belong in this dirt!” the silhouette bellowed.


Watching Katabani scurry away, the Haggard old woman could not contain her joy. The worst was now over. Katabani’s fate was sealed and a second chance he had been granted. The heavens would never stand and watch him throw his entire life away for a miserable revenge. How could he think he would attain his revenge when he was so weak at just the memory of this Nessi he always raged on about? Katabani was only lagging the entire process. 

“Go back where you belong. Revenge is not for you. It shall be done for you.” She squeaked.


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Written by The Muchwezi (3)

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