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The end of year frenzy is upon us, which means that preparations in most organizations are already in high gear. The Christmas trees are going up, lights have been set up, ornaments have been hung and budgets have been made with everyone in the company eager for an end of year celebration. After 365 days of hard work, it’s always nice to reward your team with a treat before everyone heads off to be with their families and friends for Christmas. Here are top 5 ideas of what you can do.

1. End of year party

This one is a classic plan for most organizations. The end of year Christmas party involves food, drinks, music and dancing and allows employees to interact freely and shake off the year’s stress. It also allows the administration to find out in a casual way how the year has been and what they can do to improve in the year to come. Please be warned about the one office drunk who never puts his glass down and the overly flirtatious individual who uses this as a chance to “mix and mingle”.

2. Work retreat

This is another idea that has become very popular in the last few years. Despite being expensive, if planned well a corporate retreat could be the perfect way to wind down the year. There are so many beautiful locations in Uganda and even Kampala itself where you can head to as an organization and get time away from the office to bond and destress from the year’s pressures.

3. Secret Santa

Secret santa is a new tradition that has been added to the list of things to do for end of year. Basically, it is a way to have everyone in the office reward one another. With secret santa, every employee picks a name that they have to buy a gift for without telling them.

4. Dinner Gala

This is another classic. A simple dinner always works to get everyone in the company together and to make it more special a band or comedian or musician could be hired. It may be less costly than a retreat and is much easier to organize once you have the venue sorted out. For Hotel options, Jumia Travel is your definite go to here.

5. Talent show

This a creative and fun way to close off the year. Being in work mode from January to December with no play is bound to get exhausting, so allowing people to show off their talents is a nice way too show off different ides of people within the work space. The talent show could have play showcases, fashion show and singing/karaoke competitions to mention but a few.

Jumia Travel is currently working around the clock to make it less stressful to figure out what companies should do to close off the year. So if you need a venue for a Christmas party or dinner do not hesitate. It also has some great corporate packages which make it more affordable to accommodate a team of 5 or more.

So, what will you be doing this year? Whatever it is, hope it closes off 2017 with a bang (sets off fireworks)!

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