Ebony and Ivory

I asked him if he’d taken some form of sexual performance enhancer. I couldn’t keep up. I was panting heavily. He paused and drew back up, his member bobbing up and down in the process. He knelt up straight on the bed. I restrained myself from looking back down below his waist. It wasn’t like I hadn’t already seen…..and felt…that the package was quite impressive.
The light seeping through a gap in the half-drawn draperies hit his handsome features, shining on his creamy skin and casting shadows on his left side making his dimples seem much deeper as he broke into a smile revealing his amazingly shiny white teeth.

“No baby, you’re the only aphrodisiac I need”, he whispered as he leaned in atop of me once more, his member brushing my thighs and sending moist warmth into my most private of places….his beautiful brown eyes staring right into my soul. I spread my legs a little more to accommodate his form, my arms flying to his back and wrapping around it.

I was drowning. Drowning helplessly in this magical river of chemistry that had woven around us….entwining our bodies.
I closed my eyes as his lips met mine. His engorged self-prodding, impatiently looking for entry, he was Moses and I was the Red Sea. He was looking for a way in.
His left hand on my right breast, teasing….sending mini tremors throughout my body….I was disintegrating.
He had found entry. He was moving. Moving ever so rhythmically. I joined him in this dance. Dancing along to his beat.
His mouth on mine was now hungrier….
He groaned. I moaned. Our sounds coupling into a symphony as our bodies grooved to the music of our love making.

My hands left his back. My left hand flew back and clutched the headboard of the bed….the right falling helplessly to the side.
I opened my eyes as I raised my legs to accommodate him further…to let him access the deepest crevices of my being. I was giving him myself in my entirety.
As if on cue, he too opened his eyes in that very moment.
We paused.
His lips left mine. His eyes staring into mine once more. No words were spoken. It wasn’t necessary.
Both my hands flew to his head, waving through his curly mane of black right down to his neck. My chocolate skin on his glistening sweaty creamy skin. A beautiful contrast.

Ebony and Ivory.

He lowered his head and his mouth went straight for my left breast…his other hand, teasing my right breast. I closed my eyes as movement started once more between my legs. This time coming in much faster and way more furious. The kind that goes beautifully with hard metal music. I bit back the screams….only serving to encourage him to go much harder. I loved it. And I loved him. I clung on to him.
We were climbing the Himalayas and I was nearing the peak.

How we got here, is a story for another day.

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