Defiled by 22year old: A Ugandan angel needs urgent money for medical bills

I work with The Remnant Generation that helps sexually abused girls. Every case makes my heart bleed more.I look forward to that day when Sexual abuse will be no more. This girl was abused even before she even started school.. 

The story 

On May 4th 2020, little Angel’s dad hired 3 young men to cut down some overgrown trees in their compound. Out of courtesy, Angel’s  grandmother offered the men a drink in the house since it was quite  hot outside. During the break, this 22-year old man created a conversation with the little girl, pulled out his phone and started  showing Angel videos on his phone. When everyone left to return to  work, he stayed behind on the pretext of wanting to use the  bathroom…. And that was when the abuse happened. 

Angel is in a lot of pain, both psychologically and physically. She  can no longer hold back her urine or stool and requires urgent  reconstructive surgery. Her grandmother also told us that Angel wakes  up screaming most nights, a clear sign that she is still traumatised  by what happened to her. Unfortunately, her father is a peasant who  cannot afford medical care, or even the right kind of support she needs. 

The Remnant Generation has been paying Angel’s medical bills at  Lyantonde Hospital but we can only do so much with the limited  resources we have. We would like her to access better medical care in  Kampala as well as  psycho-social support to help her forget the  trauma and live a normal life.

Help us raise $5,000 (Five thousand dollars) to ensure Baby Angel has  a chance at living a normal and happy life. Additionally, 30% of  Angel’s fund will also help other child abuse survivors access medical treatment. 

To our partners in Uganda and East Africa who would prefer other  payment modes please contact +256 755 476 188 or send email to [email protected] for advice.

Together, we can save a life.   


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Written by Baliboola N Ivan (0)

Public Relations and Organisational diagnosis specialist

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