Dear Ugandans, Don’t write off 2020 just yet

2020 seems will have more memes than any year. Someone posted “2020 should end in March with fireworks and we go to 2021”. Some Whatsapp and Facebook status updates are about how 2020 will not bear any fruit.

The world celebrated the New Year that ushered in a decade. At two months into 2020, people wanted nothing with 2020 because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Some Ugandans online claim everything came to a standstill and they want to go back to 2019. 

It is not the time to give up on 2020. Look at the COVID-19 lockdown as a  break to assess, reflect , measure , and meditate on the first three months of the year “None of us is built to run nonstop” Oprah Winfrey.

Be creative with what you have and tap into opportunities to earn from your profession during COVID-19. Truth is you can still achieve your goals while the Covid-19 pandemic goes on. This challenging season does not mean you live below your potential. It is time to be grateful for life. Be positive about a better tomorrow. Remember Joseph got a job while in prison. Do you think he would have a breakthrough if he refused to interpret dreams in jail?

Don’t give up on 2020 because of Anxiety. If you struggle with anxiety, control what you read, and watch late-night concerning Coronavirus. See a counsellor . If the news is the one causing fear, avoid some media channels before going to sleep. Always verify disturbing news.

Be productive as a person instead of writing off 2020. There are thousands of free professional webinars and Zoom meetings on a range of topics. What had you set out to achieve this year? Take this lockdown time to re-skill yourself in those areas so that you are ready after the lockdown.

Nothing drains your life purpose like maintaining a negative relationship with failure and challenges. Corona Virus pandemic exploded in our faces and shocked our brains. It is time to be grateful and focus on the good side. Weep a little and go back to being positive. It has been said that for every one negative occurrence, there are a thousand positive things that come with it. Write a thank-you note to yourself every evening with the top things you accomplish every day during COVID-19.

Focus on your set goals with hope. Don’t write off your career, finances, relationship, and life yet. Use the lockdown to realign your mindset. ” Your thoughts and beliefs dictate your reality, so if you want to change your reality, you have to change your beliefs. You can make anything work.” Jen Sincero; author of You are A BADASS. Different difficult times bring unique pathways. Job in the bible lost everything but he made a comeback. You could have lost friends, investments, a job, an education, and a family to COVID-19. Be patient, there are more 9years of this decade to make it.

Thank God for 2020. Abandoning your religion now is suicidal. The high spiritual being you believe in has everything covered. God can give you a Lamborghini and still fail to get you a parking spot. Does that mean you stop thanking Him?

Ivan N Baliboola

[email protected]

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Public Relations and Organisational diagnosis specialist

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