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I’ve never been so critical to watch news updates before as I am this time round, thanks to corona virus. I’m very sure I’m aware of what’s going on around seventy percent of the world, at least about this “senyiga omukambwe” (luganda for COVID 19) but all this updates wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t the media. As we celebrate our dear medics, I as well applaud our darlings the journalists.
The press before this time were taken by many to be rumour “carriers” so to say and as though that wasn’t enough, they were a trivial profession, at least in this state. Today, they are essential and I would be honoured to say they are frontliners besides the medics.
Digging a story from scratch to what we see on our gigantic screens, having to develop a story by perharps meeting up with the victims of the disease or their caretakers, waking up in the morning while the rest of us are quarantined to go wherever they are called ( putting them at risk of contracting the disease) and working late hours, with smiles on their faces making sure they give us the truth of the matter with least of mistakes makes them heroes in this tragedy. I’m grateful they work for us to be safe and I’m glad they are there.

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Written by Mbeiza Lynn Felicia (0)

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