Dear Music

I have known you for as long as I’ve known my Father, Mother and all my bloodline combined!

Wow, that’s quite a long time, and I still can’t get enough of you!

One of my fathers recently said that when I was a baby, a Kojja of mine called Nkoligo prophesied that I’d be a Musician.

Not sure how he knew that, but hey, here we are, still in each other’s lives; I in you and You in I.

You’ve nurtured me to the extent that I see the world and creation through your lenses; you come to us through so many colours, layers, notes and rhythms.

Only you unite the universe in tune; melody and rhythm. You bring joy to the masses, tears in the eyes, goosebumps to the skin and exhilaration, lifting humanity in unity.

Ours is not a marriage, ours is life; you’re the air, the blood and the everlasting Spirit that shall live on and on, and on.

Thinking about you, how far you have brought me and how far you’ve lifted me, and taken me, bringing joy and happiness to thousands of people for decades, in and from so many places.

You are much more than work, you’re a living Spirit that covers the earth.

Like fire, you warm the coldest heart, and like ice you freeze the fiercest heart.

There’s nothing else like you.

Even The Highest of beings is lavished by your presence, your melodies and rhythms; song and dance.

Cursed is anything that comes between you and I ☥☥



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Written by TShaka Mayanja (0)

Called To Serve. Develop. Support. Promote. Produce. Lift. Live Music.☥?☥☥✊?☥.
Head Funkmaster at BlackRoots Unlimited & The Roots Warriors Of Nnalubaale

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