Dead streets, silent capital Kampala as COVID-19 continues to disconnect the universe!

Physical distancing or social distancing? Whatever the case, don’t come near me!

Here in Kampala Uganda, The President announced a total lockdown, it’s a state of emergency after registering 44 cases of the killer coronavirus! The announcement came in at 9 pm with short period ultimatums, it was so confusing for some of us who were not at home at the time but we managed to manoeuvre, the LDUs had gone for supper maybe!

Ladies and Gentlemen the world is silent, the streets of the universe are dead and we are not certain of the resurrection time! The virus has disconnected us from our families, friends, workplaces, entertainment places, it has left us powerless and vulnerable! We are stuck, we don’t know what to do!

Various states have devised means of how to support their citizens in making sure they access the first level of the hierarchy of needs according to Abraham Maslow but the sustainability of this is what is worrying! We can easily tell the state that will fall first if the virus elongates its stay! I wish it was like how one Ugandan suggested that since we are 42M people, let every Ugandan be given 1m Ugx totalling it to 42M Ugx! Unfortunately, the math here doesn’t tally! We may have to wait for Posho and beans which the President promised us! Btw here it’s lunchtime but RDC is not yet here with my beans, but I must remain optimistic!

Fear has engulfed the entire world, scientists are working their ass down to save the situation as Pastors continue to prophesy and collect tithe, and I am washing my hands. Kwegamba everyone is doing all that he can to put back the world to order!

COVID-19 has brought us to our knees and we seem to be focusing on how to live with it which totally changes our social structure than finding a lasting solution for it! I am also like many others, hopeful that things will get back to normal! As Morgan once said, “Hope is a good thing and no good thing ever dies”!


What do you think?

Written by Rukundo Paul Rwabihurwa

University Lecturer

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