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It was December 2019. A new disease was starting to sway in Wuhan China and then boom! To the whole world now. Washing hands, face masks and distancing socially has become the new normal and will definitely be for some time.
Despite the world’s efforts to control the virus, despite advertising on the different media, not so much thought had been put on the indigenous groups. The Batwa in Uganda’s Bwindi forest and as many as the estimated 84 tribes in the Amazon forest for example.
Without much formal education and hunting being their major activity, they probably can’t do much with deciphering the information about the disease. With all our technology, they haven’t been helped to know about COVID 19. How much they’ll be affected if the virus crosses into their borders remains my concern.
The goverment(s) haven’t like the other groups of people talked about them in the waged war against this 2019 virus. Probably because they live lives of trekking and being disseminated making it hard to get information to them at once. This doesn’t make them immune to the disease though and hook or crook, information must get to them like us, their fellow citizens. What makes it harder is that they live in a collection of trees.
They deserve to live. They deserve to survive COVID 19. They deserve to stay safe, they deserve to know. They don’t have hospitals like we do so they deserve maximum protection from the virus.

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    • Hey Vijay. Thanks for your support.
      Yes, I have seen that the tribes of the Amazon forest have been affected. This is partly because the governments haven’t put much effort in controlling the virus in the forests and their countries as a whole. What I’m not sure of though is the number of the people that are affected. In my own country Uganda, I haven’t heard of any case from the forests.

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