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COVID-19: A WILDFIRE #Stories4Health

On the Eve of 2020 I was discovered!

In Wuhan, China I was revealed!

An enemy of the respiratory tract I am named!

Difficulty in breathing I initiate!

The human sense of taste I numb!

Sneezing, coughing, weakness and fever are my flags!

Via Contacts with droplets I spread!

In crowded places, I am powerful!

Like a wild fire I Spread!

In people who do not show my flags, I am an unexposed secret yet to be revealed!

In people who are exposed to me without quarantine, I am a time bomb yet to explode!

I have stormed the world’s economy with uncertainties!

I have shaken the health sector with disease burden!

I have taken many sources of livelihood leaving families in hunger!

I have severed social ties as recreation centres become a dread!

I have overwhelmed the education sector as classrooms remain closed!

I have initiated travel policies hard to chew as vacation trips become but mere wishes!

Against social class, I do not discriminate as I hit all and sundry alike!

I have claimed over 400,000 lives across the world!

On frequently washed hands I cannot live!

In masked faces I cannot spread!

In the presence of a sanitizer I am helpless!

In the face of a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technique and an Antibody test, I am revealed!

To take prompt medical action is to trap me!

To adhere to public health policies is to cripple me!

I have made victims!

I have made survivors!

I am defeatable!

I am tamable!

I am domitable

I am just a virus!

I am just a disease!

I am Coronavirus!

I am COVID-19!

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