This page here is where you get to communicate directly with the staff at Muwado. Whenever we receive a message, we clutch our faces so they do not jump off and float away out of sheer joy. Upon establishing that our heads are not going anywhere, we then do 5 somersaults, to release the excitement, read the message and reply to it if that’s necessary!

So, go ahead and bring joy to our lives today. And because we badly want to receive mail from you, we have included some things you can write to us about:

  • You have failed to utilize some of the site features and need help figuring out how to do it
  • You have detected bugs in the system and want to alert us about them
  • Offering us tons of money to put your advert on our website
  • You want to join our exceedingly cool team
  • You have feedback on some of the features and how you think they can be improved
  • You have something interesting you feel should be featured on the site
  • Thank us for the good work we are doing in the quest for world peace
  • etc

Whatever the reason, send us an email now and let’s chat. You can also DM us on our official Muwado profile or use the form below. We’ll endeavour to respond as soon as possible.


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