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#CampusDiary The COOKIE

For some time, there’s been this whole buzz around campus about weed cookies/cakes/the whole lot. So, yesterday, two friends and I decide, why not, let’s just try it out. We found a dealer, ordered and grabbed our merchandise. We all decided that we should do this indoors, for safety reasons, so we go to hostel and stock up on food for munchies later. Generally, we are very prepared.

My two friends eat theirs first and I decide to eat mine later coz I wanted to first eat food. But apparently it works better on an empty stomach so I was told to eat first then wait an hour to eat the cookie. My friends eat theirs like at 6 (at that point I’m making noodles)

So, we all just sit there waiting to see what happens then 30 mins after, one of my friends gets a call from her roommate and it turns out the roommate has no key so she needs my friends key to get in. My friend decides to take her roommate the key quickly before the height hits her (coz apparently it doesn’t happen immediately). I didn’t agree but she really felt bad for her roommate and wanted to help so she just went anyway and was like, You guys don’t worry, I’ll be back in ten mins.

That was like at 6:50. It clocks 7:20 and she’s not yet back so we decide to call her and check in. She doesn’t pick up the first time we call but when she finally does, we ask her where she is and her reply is, You guys, I’m high. She sounds confused. She keeps mixing up where she is but then all of a sudden, she’s like, I’m walking to your hostel. We are like, Okay, stay on the phone.

She walks and walks then all of a sudden, we hear talking. We are like, Who are you talking to? She’s like, I’m buying chapatis for later when I get hungry. We really don’t bother to say much. Then all of a sudden, we hear her scream, Noo… We are plaaa so we ask her what’s wrong? She’s like, You guys, byee I’m almost at the gate…lemme hurry and come tell you. When she gets here, she’s like, You guys I’m highhhhhh. I saw two good looking guys walking towards me and I thought they were going to kidnap me, or at least that’s what my mind told me, so I scram noo….and everyone around the road just looked at me like I’m confused

As we laugh at her, my other friend starts choking on saliva. After we settle the whole saliva issue, we realize our friend (the one who scram no), when she said she’s buying chapatis for later when she gets hungry, she somehow ended up buying 6 of them. We ask her how she planning to eat it all and she just shrugs.

Meanwhile, I ate my cookie at 8 and not even the whole thing. I only ate half coz it generally tasted like cardboard and just yuck. So, the whole time I’ve been laughing at my friends doing nonsense in all their height. At one point, one even starts making videos of herself talking to herself so that the sober version of her the next day can see wat she was like.

So, at like 9 we order for food but we all dose off.

At around 9 :15, according to my call logs, I wake up and start randomly calling people to tell them I think my brain is blurry or I’m high. Then I dose off until a knock on the door wakes me up. When I wake, I find all these calls and I’m so plaaa coz I thought I was dreaming.

It turns out I wasn’t.

The knock on the door is my very sober friend who had come to watch us. Long story short, she makes me food since everyone else was already asleep. I keep on sleeping then waking up until I finally black and I wake up to a lot of people laughing at me and my height calls from the previous night

In conclusion, I have never been so confused and thirsty (I legit thought I was in the Sahara and had no saliva left) Everything was just one big blurry haze and I never want to feel that way again. So, no more for me. But for those out there who want to try it for the first time

  • make sure your phone is off and far away from you
  • stay indoors
  • make sure you drink water with a straw?? (my friend legit chocked while drinking water or she felt like it was chocking her. Idk, my mind was blurry)
  • make sure there’s someone sober to feed you and stop you from walking around hostel coz you thought you were dreaming but you was actually walking around


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