Bushpig has this great pizza…and other cool stuff this holiday season.

So Bushpig isn’t an ordinary backpackers, and if you have been there, you know this. If you have not, a swing by their socials or your basic word of mouth will confirm it. Take for instance the fact that this Holiday season, their offer is all about sharing. That is; sharing your good fortune, sharing your love and sharing food (and alcohol obvi) with your friends.

Shall we?


Price tag, 29k

You have to start by knowing the story behind this goat’s cheese. The dairy was set up to support the Kyaninga child development center which helps children with disabilities. The operation is 100% not for profit. What that means is, every Kyaninga goat’s cheese pizza you eat helps these little kids. This is an example of a share within a share. Share the pizza with your friends and share your love with the kids at KCDC. It doesn’t hurt that the pizza itself is delicious. Earthy, strong and a bit sweet from the red peppers. 2 of my companions were impressed that it was vegetarian.


Price tag, 40 and 60k

These go great with your drink, or with a soda if you prefer. There are a total of 8 options on the platter menu and you can either go with 3 or 5 to share with friends. For a choice of 3, I would go with; onion rings, BBQ pork ribs (they are to die for) and chips. For a choice of 5, to that I would add post-haste, Nachos+ Salsa+ Guac (that is one item, not 3) and popcorn chicken. The garlic bread and wedges are quite filling too.


If it were possible to do some exercises in preparation for this one; perhaps jogging or pushups, I would advise you to. Here’s why; the cocktails being served at Bushpig from 27th November to 7th December are decadent.

My personal favourite? The Forbidden Fruit salad. 

Here you have your fruits (watermelon, jackfruit and pineapple), swimming in a pool of Ug Coconut. It’s the holidays, have a drink with friends, then have some fruit with friends.

And if that cocktail doesn’t make you feel healthyish, I’d advise the Hibsky sour.

“A traditional gin sour with a twist, enhancing J and B rare whisky with a syrup made from Ugandan hibiscus flowers.” Yum.

But then, I hear you person who says ‘I have been healthy all year and want to cut loose.’ For you, the French 75 is right on the money. Dry Prosecco and Gordon’s gin with a touch of sugar syrup and lemon juice.

And lastly; passion shooters. As I said; no ordinary backpackers.


This is the time of year to get people together. Do that with a nice garden vibe, a fire pit, a wide and delectable food menu and drinks till you drop; prices start from 50k per head depending on your food and drink choices. You’ll have to call 0772 285 234 to get more details.

Go forth and enjoy the holidays!

*Tuesday is quiz night, winners get 75k off their bill or 2 pizzas and a round of beer…it’s tempting and you Will get sucked in.

 From with love. 

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