Burn Down Parliament!

Burn Down Parliament! A Punny and Satirical thread about our country’s president, his lousy sycophantic pupils and the pathetic MPigs. Written by Me.

The door to democracy & good governance in Uganda is locked but some think the Kiiza with FDC’s Besigye because their Party Symbol is a key.

Others are waiting for a cow to Moo seven times before they can admit that Uganda right now has been left behind while other countries move ahead.

Some think that no one else except Museveni can juggle the various duties of being president because no one else has the balls.

Many Ugandans are just politically Claustrophobic. They are so scared of trying out something new, afraid to think outside the box.

People are afraid, they don’t want to climb the stairs of change because they fear the stairs are up to something sinister.

It is not like we are going to call in the police, seeing as Mr. 1986 is resisting a rest. We just want him to Rest In Peace.

These NRM supporters are a bunch of fearful pupils. Their teacher is cross-eyed and at the moment he can’t control his pupils.

Museveni is not the best carpenter; he is barely nailing things. And who said a new carpenter will screw things up? He might fix things.

People like Andrew Mwenda, Chris Obore and Betty Olive Kamya are all Political bankers who have lost interest.
They’re politically constipated & don’t give a shit what happens to their country. They are just puppets for hire with no strings attached.

And then our MPigs! Dirty smelly greedy bastards! They want us to cover their funeral expenses which really is the last thing they need.

We need an Ark to save Ugandans from this flood of bogus Parliament ideas. Anyone Noah guy willing to join Parliament & serve us honourably?

Some say MPigs are working. Many think they are not. I think they are below average; and that is not mean. It is the truth!

They are useless dead batteries and should be given out free of charge! Their punches are as worthless as Peter Pan’s because they Neverland.

They join Parliament hoping to uplift their personal economic status at our expense and in the process they let us down.

Parliament has become a horrible place where illegal activities take place. If someone sold drugs in there, weed never know about it

I’m having a meal, I hear about our MPigs, I just skip dessert and I scream. That’s because Desserts spelled backwards is Stressed!

One day we shall sell off our MPs in a garage sale. The garage sale will in truth be a Garbage sale but of course the “b” will be silent.

The Bible says if your right-hand causes you to sin, cut it off. There is just one thing we are left to do – Burn Down Parliament!

The End


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