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Boost Immunity and create a lasting defense against lifestyle diseases, Covid -19 and other Pandemics… #Stories4Health

Welcome to Africa where vegetables, cereals and legumes are a food for the broke/poor and fast/junk foods like pizza, dip fried chicken, chips are a food for the rich and well off

But yet again,

Welcome to Europe and America where vegetables and legumes are a food for the well off and fast/ junk foods such as chicken, chips, among others are a food for the broke and surviving.

Are you still asking why most lifestyle diseases and the recent COVID 19 virus is more devastating in Europe and America with up to date health systems and not any much in Africa yet we all know the region’s general health system is not the best…?

Oh yeah, I just gave you the only answer in my first paragraph.

Alas, again, welcome to a world that is continuously tending more to the capitalist with survival for the fittest, so demanding in terms of costs of living where adults and teenagers are left with no choice than to keep working day and night with barely any rest but to keep locked up at workplaces with minimal movements depriving them of exercise and chance to at least have fresh and decent food.

Again, welcome to a world because of competition/survival for the fittest has now turned most arable land into commercial buildings that have left even aquatic life and soil life endangered because again inorganic means of farming have to be adopted in order to meet the food demands of the increasing population.

This has not solved the existing nutritional problems but only caused a new problem of increased costs in terms of hospital expenditures because somehow the work-life has gotten stuck around the best performing and paid most are those working longer hours a situation that has minimized movements, encouraged the use of elevators instead of staircases a routine that has deprived pe

In the wake of one morning, the world started to see the Coronavirus hit like a wave. Just when we thought it was only a China problem, now boom! It has been declared a Pandemic worldwide.

While a section of the world has suffered more the Corona Virus disease, the other section mostly Africa has had to suffer the effects more than the disease itself with a low rate of deaths and spread and out of panic and fear has halted economic activities, locked down and ushered in a new undesirable normal.

One would have to ask and imagine how Africa the poorest region with a not so up to date health system, with non-functional institutions, with generally poor governance would survive deaths as compared to Europe and America.

The clear response is simple, read in between the lines of nutrition and lifestyle that has had a huge impact on immunity a soldier of the body that builds resistance and can sustain a fight against any antibody.

Basing on the Uganda perspective during the COVID 19 Lockdown times, every time COVID patients were being discharged, the Executive Director Mulago hospital kept clearly stating that all they did while treating the patients was boost their immunity and treat existing diseases in them like pressure, diabetes, among other weakening diseases. Hahaha! Hilarious isn’t it? Does Uganda have the best health system, obviously no!

Now you have the answers as to why Italy one of the oldest countries in terms of population lost mostly the aged because their immunity was not good enough for age as a factor.

Why Africa managed the situation was simply because the region still has the most arable land with over 60% of its population depending on agriculture with most of the foods consumed made not from factories but the soil, a natural place, all fresh, organic and health booster and this is what keeps Africans strong health-wise.

Sustainability and prevention is one of the reasons as to why my colleagues and I trained in permaculture dedicate some of our time to training and promoting organic and less costly farming that is climate-smart, protects the soil and the entire ecosystem with basic ethics of Earth care, People care and share.

I am not going to re-echo the recent usual of wash hands, sanitise. I will put much more emphasis on the long term and most sustainable response;

COVID -19 and other new diseases can better be attacked from the angle of proper nutrition with much more emphasis on organic feeding as we keep keeping busy chasing the monies to survive.

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