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Blencowe Resources Plc advancing Orom-Cross graphite mining project in KITGUM DISTRICT towards construction by mid-2024

Blencowe Resources secures investment backing for Orom-Cross graphite project” by William Farrington,¬† (, 6th February 2024:


“Blencowe Resources PLC (LSE:BRES) has secured US$500,000 (¬£398,000) from an African-based specialist investor and is conditionally raising a further ¬£2.5 million from another strategic investor.


Funds are earmarked to advance the company’s flagship Orom-Cross graphite project.

Alongside the anticipated further support from the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), the successful subscriptions are poised to bolster the company’s efforts towards completing the Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) and advancing the project towards construction.

“I believe it is a testament of the quality of the Orom-Cross Project that we have been able to secure funding partners like this….”said Blencowe’s Chief Executive Mike Ralston.

“We are hoping to deliver an NPV [net present value] in the DFS significantly higher than the post-tax NPV of US$ 482 million achieved in the pre-feasibility study and will keep shareholders updated on our progress”, he added.


Blencowe Resources Plc advancing Orom-Cross graphite mining project in KITGUM DISTRICT towards construction by mid-2024 is:


‚Ė† TIMELY and a

‚Ė† PROPHETIC fulfilment

In a blessed and prosperous 2024 of the 47th anniversary commemoration of the martyrdom of Archbishop Janani Luwum, ¬†20th Century African Martyr of Uganda, ¬†Rwanda, Burundi and Congo (Boga-Zaire); which will take ¬†place on 16th February 2024 at St Paul’s Church of Uganda, ¬†Wii Gweng, ¬†Mucwini, ¬†Diocese of Kitgum (Anglican), NORTHERN UGANDA.

How is this a prophetic fulfilment???

– It comes ten (10) years after 25 March 2014 i.e. the first time 3 billion tons of graphite reserves in Orom Sub-County, ¬†Kitgum District, ¬†Acholi sub-region, was announced in public domain: “Commercial Graphite Deposits Found in Kitgum” by Peter Labeja, ¬†Uganda Radio Network (URN), 25th March 2014.

– That was barely a month after 16th February 2014, the 37th anniversary commemoration of the martyrdom of Archbishop Janani Luwum!

– The above came Seven (7) years after George Piwang-Jalobo’s “Museveni-Olara Otunnu Reconciliation Initiative 2007” inspired by the 30th Anniversary commemoration of Archbishop-Martyr Janani Luwum in the Washington National Cathedral, ¬†Washington DC, ¬†USA–which was also spearheaded by the same George Piwang-Jalobo.

– Moreover, the 37th anniversary commemoration on 16th February 2014 was also the first time that a sitting Archbishop and Primate of the Province of the Church of Uganda (Anglican)– Archbishop Stanley Ntagali– presided over Archbishop-Martyr Janani Luwum’s commemoration at the ¬†Martyr’s gravesite in Wii Gweng, Mucwini on the ¬†Martyr’s Day of 16th February in 37 years since Archbishop Janani Luwum was martyred in Kampala on 16th February 1977!!!

– And then Seven (7) years later in March 2021, that is, three (3) years ago, UNCCI marketed the HUGE graphite reserves in Orom Sub-County, Kitgum District, to American investments. This was contained in the letter of the UNCCI President to the President and CEO of US Chamber of Commerce, dated 22nd March 2021.

– In that same letter, the UNCCI President also marketed Acholi Sub-region’s historic religious pilgrimage sites of Wii Gweng, Mucwini (Anglican) in Kitgum District, and Wii Polo, Paimol (Catholic), ¬†Agago District; as significant opportunities for American investments in religious pilgrimage tourism.

Below is an excerpt of the UNCCI letter to the President and CEO of US Chamber of Commerce:

“3.5 Karamoja’s neighbours: equally rich and endowed

Kitgum District, Karamoja’s neighbour to the northwest that also borders South Sudan, shares with Karamoja region similar industrial investment opportunities. ¬†A case in point for American investments can be a UGANDA-SOUTH SUDAN cross-border large-scale SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE (at least 5,000 hectares) straddling Okuti, Kiteng Sub-County (out of Orom Sub-County), Kitgum District on the Uganda side; and Magwi County on the South Sudan side of the common border.

The catchment area…..has known huge graphite reserves already under development by an Australian Consortium. Further, that Uganda Government already has plans to develop an international border market at Okuti, ¬†and also tarmac the road to Okuti branching off the already planned Kitgum-Namukora-Karenga-Kidepo National Game Park….


Agago and Kitgum Districts of Acholi Sub-region….both have unique and historic religious pilgrimage sites. These are significant opportunities for American investments in religious pilgrimage tourism.

They are Archbishop Janani Luwum Martyr’s gravesite (Anglican/Episcopal) in Wii Gweng, ¬†Mucwini, ¬†Kitgum District; and Blessed Daudi Okelo and Blessed Jildo Irwa Martyrs Shrine (Catholic) in Wii Polo, ¬†Paimol, ¬†Agago District…”

When successfully developed and operational, UNCCI proposed Orom Sub-County,  Kitgum District, cross-border SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE (SEZ)/INDUSTRIAL CITY; will be located only about 16 miles from Wii Gweng,  Mucwini,  via Namukora.

This means the coming majestic St Janani Luwum Martyr’s Shrine, ¬†Wii Gweng, ¬†Mucwini, will stand tall with its “bell tower” pointing to the shining Orom SEZ/INDUSTRIAL CITY!

This is why the coming St Janani Luwum Martyr’s Shrine deserves to be as majestic as the new All Saints Cathedral Kampala–given that one of the Architect–Designers is Arch Stephen Ochola who hails from Kitgum District!!!.

ACHOLI SUB-REGION–just as her Martyr-Son Archbishop Janani Luwum– is:

“The stone, which the builders rejected but has now become the chief cornerstone..

This is the LORD’S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.

This is the DAY [DESTINY] that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

(Psalms 118: 22-24)


@ George Piwang-Jalobo

lay African Anglican theologian, ¬†St Paul’s Church of Uganda, ¬†Amor; Pakwach Town Parish; JoNAM Archdeaconry, Nebbi Diocese (Anglican).

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Written by George Piwang-Jalobo (1)

George Piwang-Jalobo: lay African Anglican theologian, Pakwach Town Parish, JoNAM Archdeaconry, Nebbi Diocese, Church of the Province of Uganda (Anglican)

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