BlackOuts #2

Sleeping without electricity… Waking up to no electricity..!!

I woke up today knowing that we will have no electricity. It has been almost a month we have been facing blackouts and it was only last week, we figured out the schedule of this systematic blackouts. So how it works is that electricity blacks out daily alternating between day and night. 


Our sad reality as a nation is that we are becoming so accustomed to the blackouts to the extend that it stopped bothering us. We -including myself- anticipate blackouts and we also prepare for them by charging all our electronics and cooling the rooms properly before it is out..! If you ask anyone about the reasons behind all this, no one has a clue as to what the issue is and what is the root of the problem, no one talks about solutions to this issue..! 

Solar panels come to mind since we live in a country where the sun shines all year long, this will be one of the only solutions which we need to focus on as a nation. I just got off the phone with one of my friends who told me that solar panels are extremely expensive and only the wealthy can afford it, hence, if you are one of the limited incomes families you are doomed to live under this tormenting process that will not only drain you but stop you from seeking better opportunities that will make your life a lot easier. 

Which is worse..? Morning or Night Blackouts

Looking back at all the blackouts, some kind of a preference started growing in me. I started preferring ‘morning’ blackouts which are longer than the evening ones, for only one reason which is I do not sleep nor nap in the morning. However, ‘night’ blackouts affect your sleep. During blackouts, many of us postpone our tasks, jobs and duties, so that we can at least do them when we have electricity. Hence, you get no chance to rest or even get time to think of your future plans or simply think of what to do next. Many students are on the verge of exams, there are photos circulating social media platforms of students using the public street lights to study to seek a better future, which is extremely heart-breaking. All this and there is no accountability of what is going on nor clear messages from authorities to the public to inform them of what is -and will be- happening. 

On a much serious note though, blackouts in general steers the public’s attention from what really is happening in the country from corruption to failure of providing a decent life to all who is living on this land. The public’s attention has been steered away from politics for 30 years under the previous corrupt government and even with this transitional government. 

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  1. Hi Maya
    It is so true of governments who show no will to resolve essential services to our communities.
    One wonders if the ministers in charge have a moral consciousness towards the marginalised people.
    Vast amounts of taxpayers money is budgeted for infrastructure projects but sadly state looting and corruption leaves very little for the intended work.
    I am just waiting for the day of reckoning to take place,when all the leaders in high positions will have to give an account of themselves to the ONE above.

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