BlackOuts #1

Corona Virus spread.. Economical Crisis.. Fuel Crisis.. Inequality.. Domestic Abuse.. Racism.. etc..!!

Since the spread of the virus in Khartoum the capital of Sudan, many crises have surfaced in the country. From inequality to domestic abuse and from Fuel crisis to extreme corruption. Our biggest problem as a nation is that we tend to address everything else instead of addressing the massive elephant in the room -or the nation-. Hence we end up piling up issues that immensely divide the country rather than resolving the roots of our various problems. We keep carrying our unresolved problems as a nation from one generation to another until we reached to our current times. 

I am not ignoring the great efforts of the Sudanese youth who were able to topple the previous corrupt government in hopes of a better future. However, due to the corruption that is present not only in the political scene but the society in general, there is little change seen and witnessed. As a country, inflation reached an unprecedented level, products are unexpectedly expensive and medicine is scarce. 

Whose Problem is it anyways?

About 3 weeks ago, we started experiencing random blackouts that lasted for a very long time before the government addressed the issue and clarified that electricity blackouts will last till the end of August of this year for an unknown reason which they have not clarified of course..!! Just before the blackouts, the government started a nationwide fund raiser to solve our long-lasting electricity problem which I thought is simply outrageous. How can a government ask its poverty stricken nation to pay money that they don’t have to solve a problem they do not understand..!!


 As soon as this strategy failed, we started facing daily blackouts which lasted for 12 to 15 hours. 

Consumption at its best…

Regardless of the reasons behind these blackouts, whether it is to keep the populations busy with things far away from politics so as to become easier to control and manipulate or it is a way to prove the inadequacy of the current transitional government so we lose trust in them. Blackouts on top of the rest of issues we are facing here is extremely draining on a personal level. Emotionally, physically and psychologically..!!

I have noticed that I started losing interest in things I was once involved in. I have become less productive than usual and I lost motivation and initiative to continue working on my various projects that simply rely on me alone. There is a general sense of depression and lack of interest that is dominating the nation, where they are lost at which battles should they face and which should they ignore. Many find this situation unbearable and started thinking of emigrating, others simply lost hope in change. Only few are still thinking and working towards a better future for all.

This situation which I think will only get worse, reminds me of times when you forget to charge your mobile and you keep trying to get the most out of your mobile services when it has 5% to last you. 

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Written by Maya

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