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As you be jazzing, …

As you be jazzing, a new month beckons. #HappyOctober

1. As you be jazzing, sente zibuze, government etuusa obwavu, UBB is getting done and I might have seen a UBC somewhere. Forgive my keen eyesight (carrots).

2. As you be jazzing mbu married people are always stressed, I see couples getting happier and others getting married every Sato. Love is so overflowing in #UG that even weekends are no longer enough for the unions. Friday has been adopted.

3. As you be jazzing that farming is risky, I am seeing young people make a killing in farming from piggery to chilli. Heck, they have even set up consultancy firms that were once thought to be the field of the grey-haired.

4. As you be jazzing emirimu ebuze, blad, I have seen young guys reinventing the rolex (read UGAROLL) and are incorporating minced meat and mayo just to charge a premium price & we the rolex freaks are swarming their spaces.

5. As you be jazzing pastors are thieves and crooks, mbu churches are businesses, I have seen churches transforming their surrounding environs and turning around lives of once hopeless people. I have seen faithful church people give (your lifetime dream money) as tithe or offerings because the Lord has been good.

6. As you be jazzing mbu you’re cursed coz everything you set up fails, I have seen the young and old being resilient beyond possibly human efforts and they get back on their feet. Guys, Mikie Wine, Ragga Dee & Rocky Giant are still releasing songs and, as a matter of fact, Ragga Dee’s ‘Wololo’ is among the top downloaded songs on¬†¬†for last month.

7. As you be jazzing westerners are rich,¬†baali mukintu, I have seen some westerners reserve a portion of their every salary to buy a goat or cow and, in a year, he’s not a job slave. Needless to say, I have seen dead broke ones who prefer to bask in the¬†#baaliMukintu¬†thingy.

8. As you be jazzing #togikwatako, I have seen MPs who have risked their lives and those of their families by standing on the ground and on tables, throwing fists and mic stands. I have seen the #firstShot general seated on the floor and another throw a highly tactical punch. All this they did to protect what they believe in. #NotSureAboutTheLastTwoGenerals.

9. As you be jazzing mbu, be humble, I am humble and trying as much to back up jazz with action.

10. As you be jazzing mbu, this is enough, I know you have your own “As you be jazzing, ….”. Add them in the comments.




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