A group of three African-American men standing face to face indoors, smiling and conversing. Two of them are bumping fists. They are mid adult men in their 30s.


“There are a number of male characters from Hollywood that suit the identification of phenomenal guys that African men fantasize about becoming. These are the likes of Robert Redford, Sean Connery (deceased), Idris Elba, George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Daniel Craig, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Bogart, Leonardo DiCaprio, Clint Eastwood, Tyrese and many more. Each and every one of these men has somewhat disclosed the attributes that lure women into their palms. I remember once I saw the movie “Out of Africa” Sadly it’s a combusted real-life event disclosed from the ballpoint pen of a woman who’s broken-hearted.

But as an African man, the ideology of having to work for a woman’s attention weakens our morale to advance towards her. Take for instance how Robert Redford composed himself before Meryl Streep’s, his high sense of olfaction. Constrained by his easy-let-go personality. That magnet several broads to him— As much as men hate to admit it, we also have easy impulses in developing emotions but it’s just not within our reach to display them in order to not peril our reputation.

And as the scenes passed on slowly he started to unveil his interest in spending quality time with her— picnic, deer hunting, wild cat hunting with his Rhodesian ridgeback and Maasai tribesmen of Kenya, flying her in his Grumman, selection of furnitures and her coffee brewing plantation, sometimes riding a horse, the story dated back to early 1900’s and so there was really not much to do. Of which, as an act of service, women enjoy using what’s in their environment at the expense of his time.

At a glimpse, a woman reveals truly that she doesn’t mind if you’re moderate or extravagant in finances but as long as you can afford the things she likes she’d be fine with you. And he on the other end was a bottleneck man. With the little he has it was strong enough to win her over even though she wasn’t money-oriented owing to the fact she was a duchess in Sweden as at then and richer than him.

I implore all that desire a woman to go after her without the fear of being a weakling. Let it be known to you that the only thing you’ve to lose with her is nothing worth holding back for. Go at it and be yourself. You’re not a child anymore you’re an adult and if the water fails to stay under the bridge it’s okay to let go. You’ve tried to sweep the floods but failed.

There are some black sisters that can be problematic, could be she was a number to some. Yet this advancement in approaching women needs to be known. Proper hygiene, good outlook, clean haircut, or well-maintained hair, maintained nails, nice smile and composure. With these listed factors you will be a great match for anyone who is ready to put in the work as well.

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Written by Joshua Omeke (1)

Joshua Omeke is a mercurial writer with skills in Visual art and intellect in business operations. He has been nominated for several awards and is the founder of Alkebulan Art UK

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