About my Dawa Tea at CafeSserrie, Bugolobi Branch: A Restaurant Review

I made another stop at CafeSserie yesterday despite a not so nice experience with their Dawa tea last week. You see, I am yet to taste ice-cream that beats theirs. A scoop of ice-cream, accompanied by a good espresso or machiato was my craving yesterday.

Anyway, last week , the DawaTea had traces of metal and petroleum in Taste. I alerted the service person and another cup was brewed, which still tasted the same. Just to be sure, I asked my companion Harriet Fowler to taste it for me and the verdict was similar, the tea tasted off. But being that I was menstruating, it was possible that my taste buds were acting up. They asked me to take a different drink instead, even if my stomach really needed that Dawa tea.

Yesterday, as soon as I was settled, Immaculate, the manager, walked straight to me and inquired whether I was being served well. My answer was:

“Better than last week”

She rocked back and forth on her petite frame.

“Please tell about the not ‘so nice experience’ last week,” she requested. I did.

“Aaah! ” she said. “We have actually changed how we are brewing our Dawa tea since. We are boiling it instead like it should be done instead of pressure brewing it through our machines. We acknowledge the discrepancy and really apologize for the ‘Not so nice'” (How about that for customer responsiveness).

Finished. Acaye appeased kabiisa.

Anyhow, I am busy chatting and catching up with Hassan Shire when two steaming cups of Dawa tea and lemon tea are placed before me.

“With compliments from the Manager” the service person says (her name has skipped my mind).

It tasted waaay better: like DawaTea with major tangawizi should taste. Hot, fiery, tangy, sweet with a minty aftertaste. A revolutionary pop of liquid in the system.

Immaculate later comes by to ask about the ‘new tea’. We moved on to other conversations – f itness, health, Uganda: I sketched for her a couple of caricatures of restorative yoga poses on an abandoned receipt, for her to try at home after a long day of standing and moving around.

“I get so exhausted sometimes that I struggle to fall asleep when I get home.” she said as she asked for advice. Her goal is to be refreshed and ready for a new day of service every day.

The service personnel are still pretty slow on their feet despite there being more in number than is necessary. You have to chase after the bill or really wait. You still have to remind them to bring the other things that go with a dish. For Harriet last week, it was Black pepper seed to grind over her pumpkin soup. For Mr. Hassan yesterday, it was cutlery with which to eat his pastry. For me, I waited at least fifteen minutes to be served the ice-cream. There was only two of us at the counter. The lady had to run back that way to print the receipt before serving myself and the gentle man. This, while other service personnel were camped behind the counter.

Oh, and someone kindly ask them to turn down the volume of the music. Just enough for me to be able to relax and enjoy my focacia bread with tomatoes and cheese. I think this is one of their bestsellers. Now don’t go and hike the price on it either. It’s the most reasonably priced item on your menu at 6000/=Ugshs per piece.

Also about the music, we have enough intrusion already with street preachers et all in our lives. Kindly don’t suffer our ears with even more gospel music when we come.

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