A report on the 360° Network Meet the CEO Forum Event


Good Whatever-time-of-the-day-you-read-this-post. This is Roland reporting from Garden City. I was invited to 360 Network Meet the CEO forum and I took myself there to rub shoulders with the who is who of this city. For those who are bleak about who or what the 360 Network is, you can check out their fb group. It is a forum whose aim is to transform online social networks into real people-2-people experiences. I would like to feed you with more information about these guys but get your lazy donkey on google and find out more for yuwaselefu!

So anyway I arrived at the Sheraton Rwenzori Ballroom and was welcomed by a smartly dressed waiter who asked me what I wanted to drink. I ordered for a Soda since my pockets weren’t doing so healthy. The trick in such situations is to order for a Soda like it is a Don Perio. You assume a James Bond pose, rub your beard like you are giving this a lot of thought, do this like for three seconds for effect and then make your order, “I think will have two shots of Mountain Dew, with 3 blocks of ice, 3 dashes of Lemon, shaken but not stirred. Thank you very much!” The British accent may not be necessary because that will be overkill. Trust me, if you time it well and a random hot babe is passing by, she will have no choice but to pass you her business card. Trust me! And if its a waitress taking your order, she will stand on her toes and whisper in your ear what time she gets off work. This is a good thing if a waitress is on your to-do list!

So, the impressed waiter brought my drink and I, still in James Bond mode, nonchalantly asked, “How much are Sodas in the Sheraton these days?” This is an intelligent question to ask because prices of these things be changing like every minute because the dollar is on heat these days, and I also needed to know how much damage this shaken Dew was going to do to my already damaged pocket. Dude told me Sodas are 50k these days at the Sheraton but he was kind enough to inform me that this was a cocktail and the drinks were on the house. I think the Sheraton house or the 360 house but who cares. Needless to say, I threw out that Dew like yesterdays rolex and switched to the frothy stuff which, fyi, is like 50$ at the Sheraton these days.

So back to the forum, it was nice, well organized and I learned a lot of things about being a CEO. The main lesson I took home is that those guys make loads of money! Loads of it. The Speakers for the night were Mr Lamin Manjang, the CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Uganda and Dr. Ian Clarke, the Board chairman Of International Medical Group. They shared knowledge on what key things does one need to do to excel at their professional career.

The event took the form of a TV-style panel discussion where Mr Caleb Owino, the Managing Director of Fireworks Advertising, moderated the panel of CEOs and facilitated an interactive discussion/debate about leadership excellence. Guests had an opportunity to interact and meet the CEO one-on-one in a relaxed environment

The event had an attendance of about 250 people from the corporate world, even CEOs of different companies like Centenary Bank, Uganda Insurance Association, Star Leo, though not part of the panel, attended and shared their knowledge about being a CEO in the open discussions.

You can imagine how much money was in that room. If one sharp guy had put everyone at gunpoint, he would have had more money that Bad Black and Meddie combined! That is the only observation I will share with you because I am sadistic like that and I want you to feel bad because you missed! They even put sweets on every table so you missed eating free sweetie. Rihanna even performed! In my head at least.

After the forum, the CEO’s signed autographs and then there was a drink up where drinks were still on the house again. Unfortunately, most of the CEO’s runoff because they did not want us to see their lousy dance strokes. So there, you don’t have to feel so bad about not being a CEO yet because once you reach that level, your pakachini skills are taken away!

Thank you 360 for the good times and keep on doing what you’re doing and providing drinks on the house!

Later that night!

There was a karaoke thing at the Rhino Bar which is still at the Sheraton hosted by Xfm. I went over there after finishing the drinks at the 360 drinkup, and sang Zombie by the Cranberries so well someone felt the need to steal my wallet. To that imbecile or (insert a really nasty word here), I wish you a lifetime of constipation.

This is Roland reporting from the Sheraton! Out and over. Roger that!


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