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A Kenyan LGBQT activist, Edwin Chiloba, shows up dead and inhumanely stuffed in a metallic box…

In various social media comments the people, before even knowing the circumstances surrounding the death, applaud, ululate, laugh out loud (LOL) and say things like, “serves him right, we thank the murderers for preserving the African culture, why would a man wear a skirt, even God will punish him, I hope he continues turning in his grave, “Etc etc

These are both proud Africans and Christians. Going to church and hoping to go to heaven. Forgetting that hate is a sin. Forgetting that it is preached that all Sins are judged the same.

Forgetting that they lie, gossip, steal – what they consider small. 

But no, not when an LGBQT person is murdered. Apparently, that sin is different. In fact, it is the sin of all sins. In fact, the murderer’s sin is fairer… you begin to open your sinful mouth to think his death is well deserved compared to the one of your mother who only mistreated your stepbrother – so small a sin!  Wow!

And since when does the African culture promote jubilating over the death of young people? You know your husbands defiled underage maids but you cry over their death. You know your sons impregnated women and denied that responsibility and you wish them well when they die. You know your relatives have robbed from the Civil servants and you pray for their entry to heaven.

You may not support Chiloba’s choices in life but do not be hypocritical with your judgements. 

If you want to be the sinner who casts the stone, cast the stone far and wide, let it hit the corrupt, the paedophile, the adulterer, the gossip, the liar and etc

If you want to judge, please judge all sinners equally.

And if you want sinners to turn in their Graves, please wish yourself to turn in your grave when you die too because your hypocrisy in judgements is one hell of a sin

There are so many ways of expressing what is not right by you but spite/ hatefulness/ gloat is not one of them!

Media houses ought to be condemned. Every day people get murdered by their lovers and it does not make the news but because this man was LGBQT they feasted on it.  

This man’s story should be about Gender-Based Violence. It should be used to teach us that murder is not the solution to domestic disputes but instead, everyone is just jubilating that another of “those people” is dead. 

In fact, we are so riddled with hatred for these people that we forget it is not the human to hate but their act. We hate them so much that we begin missing the points in these posts of anybody who tries to say murdering a person for a different belief is wrong.

You are so blind by pure hatred that you smile happily that someone was murdered? Aren’t you just pure evil? That same evil that jubilates when a thief is burnt to ashes with everybody standing by.

That pure evil that first questions why a woman should be running alone in the morning instead of condemning rapists, murderers, the security of our state?… This obsession we have with applauding tragedy is just wrong.

As an artist, I shall not segregate who I speak for or against.  I am all for humanity. Stop murdering people in the name of Justice! 

Stop making stories about gender-based violence be about sexuality!!!!!!!


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Written by Mercy Geno Apachi (1)

Journalist, Poet, Writer, Emcee, Digital Marketer, Copywriter

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