5 years of Boundless Minds!

I resigned from my last job on 30/11/17 to focus on building Boundless Minds full-time. It has been a rollercoaster & carousel of emotions, successes, failures and gratitude. To mark this milestone, let me just share 5 things I would do differently if I was starting out today

1. Find a Co-founder:

Entrepreneurship is a lonely, tiresome, and sucking journey. There will be very many highs, but probably even more lows and times when you just won’t have the will to go on. Co-founders are great for spreading the risk, pain & anxiety around. Obwomu buluma!

2. Money Matters:

When I started, I just wanted to do mentorship & give young people their best shot at finding themselves & succeeding. BUT…you need money to get anything done! Fundraising – in this town – is a bitch. Selling is tiresome. Figure out the money from the start!

3. Practice the art of Patience:

I used to be rushed. To get excited by ideas & want to do things right away. Not anymore. Focus. Perfect what you are working on. Wait. Don’t make a decision today if it can wait for tomorrow. It is a marathon & you need to finish. Run your race.

4. Be Content:

At the start, I didn’t even have numbers in mind. Just wanted to cause change. “If 1 person wins coz of us, that’s enough!” Then came the pressure to scale. Nothing is ever enough. Now I constantly remind myself of why we started. We’re only here to make a contribution.

5. Enjoy it:

If we hadn’t received a grant in 03/2020, it’s possible Boundless wouldn’t have survived Covid-19. The future isn’t guaranteed for anyone. Now, I focus us ONLY on what we can & should do. However it ends, we should look back & say we had a bloody good time doing it!


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