One of the biggest topics that have been running through my mind in the past few days has been how best I can help my fellow young men and women who are struggling and trying to hustle around to make it, truth is the streets are hard and sometimes you need to be smart enough and have a positive mindset.

If you come from an already well-established background and your parents provide everything for you, not struggling then this post may not make sense to you, so feel free to skip…

As you already probably know, there is a high rate of unemployment in Uganda and even if you are employed you cannot rely on your salary to get all you want done. Unfortunately, most people who are employed are earning as low as UGX 500k, of which some are even way lower than that. This is why the majority resort to corruption.

5 ideas that will earn you over UGX 1M monthly and it doesn’t need a lot of resources and capital to start:

1. Running errands

One of the truths you need to know is that the world is changing on a daily basis, and a lot more is becoming digital. We now have people who work from the comfort of their houses, and because of their tight schedule, sometimes they would want to grab something from town but they can’t so there will be a need to send someone.

As a young person, you can start running errands on behalf of other people and you charge them for your service rendered.

Starting everything ain’t easy in the first place but if you truly understand what you are doing, you can start with one or two people, be good to them, be honest and always deliver in time and I can assure you more people will come. Imagine if you have 5 people for whom you are running errands on a daily basis and each is giving you UGX 20,000 at the end of your service. That is UGX 100,000 clean money at the end of the day. Remember, social media is the way to go in this digital era.

2. Private Transporter

This may sound like a big one because you need a driving permit (license) and a car. First of all, to own a car in Uganda in your 20s is something that is not easy for a hustler unless you have been saving for many months or you earn some huge money. Because cars are expensive to buy.

But if you happen to own one, start-up as a private transporter.

Last year, I managed to buy myself a car, something which I count as an achievement of 2022 and I didn’t buy it to show off but to do business. At the moment, I personally take people out every weekend and normally I charge between UGX 50,000 – UGX 100,000 per night. So if you are in Gulu, Northern Uganda, feel free to patronize me. I will appreciate it.

Remember, sometimes this means you have to stay awake all night and wait for your client until they are done with the party. Be honest, and don’t disappoint your customers.

If you are a private transporter, people will always call you once they need your service being at night or daytime.

3. Content Creation

According to, content creation is the process of generating topic ideas that appeal to your buyer persona, creating written or visual content around those ideas, and making that information accessible to your audience as a blog, video, infographic, or other content formats.

Content creation is wide and it can be through audiovisual, writing, etc. I am a content creator myself and I personally own a tech website and 2 YouTube channels. I can teach you a lot more about content creation and how you can make money from it.

Do I earn money from content creation? Yes, I get paid on my website and on my YouTube channel too.

To start as a content creator, all you need is your smartphone and the internet then something you will be talking or writing about. It can be about tech, fashion, music, how to, lifestyle, etc

4. Real Estate Agent

Now days getting a house is a challenge because sometimes someone may get a work transfer to a new location and the first thing they will have to do is look for a house. We have brokers but unfortunately, the majority of them sometimes tend to be unreliable or don’t know how to communicate with customers.

As a young person who is passionate about real estate, you can start as a real estate agent and help people look for houses, later on, you can charge them some percent for helping them.

Early this year, I personally ventured into real estate and I started Kumalo Property which helps people in Northern Uganda easily get houses and sell their properties. For someone who also has a house and wants a tenant, we can as well help.

5. Laundry and cleaning services

Majority of the young men that I know are lazy to wash clothes and do cleaning, myself inclusive I hate washing clothes. I like putting on clean clothes but when it comes to washing, oh no!….

If you are good in doing cleaning and washing, you can start up a cleaning and laundry business and guess what, there is a high chance those who are lazy to wash will definitely bring their clothes to you.

One of the biggest things stopping us young people is the excuse that we don’t have what it takes to start. Start with what you have and other things will come after, be consistent.

I am passionate about helping my fellow young people start up sustainable businesses in 2023 and I will be glad to help you. You can book a consultation session with me and we will talk more one on one.

I charge UGX 50,000 ($15) for an hour of my time. Reach out to me today for more engagement.

Contact: +256780187237

Email: [email protected]

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