Lately I have had  some trouble sleeping at night ,it has become something ordinary
But on this particular night,as I stare into the dark of my room,
Two words come to my mind
Insomnia and Nostalgia
If not siblings,I’d say they are related anyway
First because their end rhymes,
Second is that they visit  my mind at the same time ,quite often

It’s quite hard  to sleep when you feel you  lost
Worse when you feel your heart is misplàced,far from home

Often times people think that sleep will take away the longing-
That gaping space in your chest
But they lie
Because sleep too will desert you-
When you are not sure where you stand,even sleep will desert you!

So as I stare into  the dark tonight
I wonder to myself;
Is it because I miss home that I can’t sleep
Or is it that I will never find peace to sleep because I lost home?
Where is home?
What is home?


What do you think?

Written by Qdoh

Lawyer/ Rotaractor/Poet

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