‪#‎MovieTalk‬ July Scorecard

GHOSTBUSTERS: 8.5/10… Ass-kicking, nostalgic hilarity… and Kate Mckinnon was outstanding!

SING STREET: 8.5/10… (I know it came out in April but I only watched it in July so fuck off)… a love story with Irish accents and a ton of ’80’s pop music?!! Yes please!

STAR TREK BEYOND: 7.5/10… Big summer spectacle but why do these $200m behemoths struggle to give us memorable villains? Felt like a really really good TV episode.

BAD MOMS: 7.5/10… Honestly much funnier and raunchier than the trailers indicated and was only held back by the obligatory (and predictable) family stuff. Kathryn Hahn FTW!

JASON BOURNE: 6.5/10… lots of action, sure, but it felt like a movie written by its director and editor (which it was)… stylish and efficient without ever really being compelling in any way. Greengrass is a fantastic director but he’s run out of interesting things to do with Ludlum’s character.

As a bonus, my 2 favorite films were actually Netflix finds:

THE INVITATION, which is a low-key mind-bending thriller that starts good and only gets better


CRONIES, a hood bromance about that friend you’ve kept in your life even though they drive you fuckin nuts! So impeccably put together, Spike Lee had to jump on as a producer… note the name Michael Larnell… bet you he’s offered a Marvel franchise in the next 5 years.

And of course STRANGER THINGS… don’t have to mention it at this point cos everybody’s talking about it but for good reason. It’s just fuckin dope.


Written by Rich Wagaba (2)

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