‪#‎MovieTalk‬ July Scorecard

GHOSTBUSTERS: 8.5/10… Ass-kicking, nostalgic hilarity… and Kate Mckinnon was outstanding!

SING STREET: 8.5/10… (I know it came out in April but I only watched it in July so fuck off)… a love story with Irish accents and a ton of ’80’s pop music?!! Yes please!

STAR TREK BEYOND: 7.5/10… Big summer spectacle but why do these $200m behemoths struggle to give us memorable villains? Felt like a really really good TV episode.

BAD MOMS: 7.5/10… Honestly much funnier and raunchier than the trailers indicated and was only held back by the obligatory (and predictable) family stuff. Kathryn Hahn FTW!

JASON BOURNE: 6.5/10… lots of action, sure, but it felt like a movie written by its director and editor (which it was)… stylish and efficient without ever really being compelling in any way. Greengrass is a fantastic director but he’s run out of interesting things to do with Ludlum’s character.

As a bonus, my 2 favorite films were actually Netflix finds:

THE INVITATION, which is a low-key mind-bending thriller that starts good and only gets better


CRONIES, a hood bromance about that friend you’ve kept in your life even though they drive you fuckin nuts! So impeccably put together, Spike Lee had to jump on as a producer… note the name Michael Larnell… bet you he’s offered a Marvel franchise in the next 5 years.

And of course STRANGER THINGS… don’t have to mention it at this point cos everybody’s talking about it but for good reason. It’s just fuckin dope.

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