#‎MuwadoLoveLetter‬ 365 Valentines

Dear Kay, How u

How you? Hope you are well.

Life isn’t a bed of roses but, the thought of you is. In my hardship, you are my consolation. You are the kind of joy that brings warmth to my heart. I remember the day we first started talking to each other: because that’s what started us. We became friends. Your beauty coupled with the eloquence was charming. Never in my life had I seen a very pretty girl take time to listen to me. What’s amazing is when I asked for your phone number, you gave me the right one.

But my best moment was when I hugged you to say goodbye: I never wanted to leave your bosom. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Every day is valentine because I think of you. YOU ROCK MY WORLD GIRL.

With love

Edward kamanzi


  • Rock my world – Michael Jackson
  • One sweet day – Boys 2 Men


Written by Kamanzi Edward Kabenga

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