Your Soul?

I grew up on the notion that the soul was who I truly was outside of the mind and the body,

That my soul was this spirit that made everything work,

And that without it, I’d be non-existent.

However, in my thoughts, and search for knowledge, the “thing” that people call the soul has proven to be an imaginative answer to the myriad of questions about our existence.

I then ask myself, if my eyes are what allow me to see,

And If my ears are what allow me to hear,

My skin to touch and feel,

And my brain to interpret all this information and organise it to create my REALITY/Perception…

Then how does the soul operate?

Is it magic?

Does it have some kind of different physiological structure?

Because every property that people have assigned to it i.e. “our souls are made of Light,” is either fictitious or outright impossible,

At least as far as human research and scientific discovery has shown.


What if your soul has nothing to do with anything supernatural?

What if your soul like earlier suggested is proof of your existence but not your being…

What if your soul is your shadow?

The sum of your impact from having existed?

The air you breathed,

The music you created, the art, the book you wrote,

The smile you put on your friend, mother, or brother?

What if just the mere act of watching someone’s movie is your soul,

That road that you built,

The shoe you made or repaired,

That wound on your father’s face that you cleaned,

The baby you helped deliver,

The tree you cut down and the seed you planted?

What if that is your soul?

That person you made to cry,

The one you hit,

The life you took…

What if that’s it?

A small act in your reality but a meaningful one in someone else’s, something else’s…

What if just being there to move a rock from where it lay to somewhere else,

What if that is your soul?

Not meant to visibly change the cosmos on the grandest scale but simply make an impact on the next man’s life/existence.

It eventually compounds into the collective of the human species’ soul and then we affect the reality around us, we dig the earth, change the environment, and emit radio waves that contain the stories of our lives into the silent cosmos hoping someone will hear them and extend an olive branch to tell us ‘You’re not alone friend!’

But whether that happens or not, our soul will still exist as a part of the cosmos. Just not as a form of our being remaining alive after our mind and body wither away.

But instead as the footprints we make while we exist.

Written by 

Denzel Maniple Everd

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Written by Denzel Maniple Everd (4)

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