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Have you ever sat down and thought about this, the fact that fathers are the most hated parents of the two, I mean a mother and father. This is something that is international wide. You find that us all youths or children especially adults or adulting children have issues with our parents especially the fathers.

Hey, my name is Kasoone Prize Arthur, I am a content creator and an Author. A Podcaster at PeepTalk podcast. A podcast show designed for the young adults, youths or teens because we are the future. Fathers, mothers and leaders of tomorrow. I am absolutely inviting you to listen to my podcast which is available on popular podcasts sites like Spotify, Google podcasts but currently absent on Apple podcasts.

Anyways back to our topic. 99% of the hated parent is the father, the question is why? One time, my father was trying to make me reason with him the injustices he goes through as a father but I kept dumb. I remember he mentioned something like, 

“You are a man, you will see it for yourself when you grow.” In my mind I was quick to rebuke as I kept on telling myself, I am nothing like him. We are actually different people in personality and we don’t think or react on a situation same way.

I am writing this article because I am not in good terms with my father and so are many young people out there but if you think about it, my father was partly right when he said I will see it for myself. Like hey, I am an author and I consider myself a great thinker. I spend a lot of time trapped in thoughts, busy concocting storylines and situation. I am also a fan of films or movies but I don’t watch for mere entertainment but edutainment. That’s education plus entertainment.

What I am trying to mean is, my father or our fathers, not all of them wanted the situation to be as it is now. In fact most of them dreamt of being a good relationship filled with love and communication with their children but as the same goes, shit happens. Life ain’t straight. Things don’t work out the way we want.

If you watched the film or movie called We have a ghost by one of my favorite actors, infact age mate, Jahi Winston. In this film Jahi portrayed as the son who was not in good relationship with the father. Spoiler alert: One time towards the climax of the film, the Dad or father wanted to clear the air between himself and his son. He mentioned these words, I don’t think I recall the exact words but let’s go with this;

“As a man it is good news when you get to know that your are going to become a father, you are excited and promise to be the happiest and best father in the world. As a child grows, they are drawn more closer to their fathers but as they grow older, they cease being close to their fathers.” 

Logically speaking, this is what happens. There’s no child who was born when they have issues with their fathers, as a child, a father is a father. Regardless of whether you was planned or not. Do you even know this as a child? You are too naive at that age.

Here in Uganda is a Soga/Busoga saying that goes, ‘a child does not cry for something that’s not around.’ It’s after you take them to a shop, supermarket, then they see something eye catching that they start to crave for it. So as a young child, you will be content when your dad comes back home with cheap gifts like sweets. This is something that cannot be done on an adult child. As adulting or exposed at that stage, we know what we want. We demand for things we haven’t seen yet.

By the way, think of this, as a child growing up, do you realize that most of us hate our mothers then prefer fathers? The question is, how or when does it become the reverse? I am actually compelled to write this article because I am a male, who knows, in future I may become a father too, and so may many who read this article. Reason number 2, is the fact that I want to bring back the masculism in us males. We are losing it day by day. We are leaving responsibilities and authority to the females.

A white man says that experience is the best teacher but one of my uncles told me, it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes. This is because you may not get the chance to make up your mistakes but if you learn from other people’s, you can decide not to go their paths. For example, my father is not the best version of a father my teen self who want, so this is a lesson to the adult me, not to go the same path as my father if I want to keep a good relationship with my children.

The reasons why fathers are the most hated parents are; 

They neglect their responsibilities. 

They don’t spare time for their children.

They disappear from their children’s lives at a point when the children need them most.

Most of these men are not father material. Maybe it was even a mistake getting the children in the first place, so he neglects his fatherhood. By the time he wants to act a father, it’s too late.

They make promises but don’t fulfill them.

They throw onto the bottle.

They neglect their children’s needs.

They are deceitful.

These are some of the reasons I can think of per now, maybe in future, I maybe write a depth version of this article. I have not bothered to explain them because they are self explanatory. It only needs you to sit down and reflect on them yourself. This is the climax of this article.

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Until next time, ¡Chao!

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