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Wet Towel

Another one from the year of the great depression that was 2008!

Written in February, 2008

Monday again!! After 25years of cursing the day, one eventually begins to embrace it as the beginning of the end of the week, just to boost their morale. This particular one, I am feeling indifferent. Whether they declare it a public holiday or not makes no difference to me. UB40 concert on Saturday was a huge success, or so ‘everybody’ says. I have no regrets for not going. Crowds scare me….that hand creeping down yo backside isn’t trying to turn you on, its looking for your wallet and your hard earned money…. Anyway. The sore throat has turned into a ‘dryish’ cough, and I think I saw a speck of blood in the Sunday morning sputum. Must be from the effects of mixing cigarette brands, drinking Smirnoff and doing karaoke (Hotel California by The Eagles) the previous night. Well, ”which one of us can add even an hour to our lives by worrying?” I believe Jesus himself did ask this question. Heard it in the 11a.m sermon Sunday morning. YES, I do take church seriously. But that particular Sunday, I would have paid not to go….but you have little choice when you MUST drive mama there!! It was a nice sermon and am glad I went.

Well, back to my emotionless Monday morn. Wore1 of my worst work shirts, just to take advantage of a day when I would not care less if the cutest gal at work came and slapped me in the face for looking haggard!!! Talk about taking advantage of your weaknesses!! Even before I got to work, I was being forced to think quick and hard. 15minutes late and my usual parking place has been cordoned off!!! What a start! I eventually got to work drenched in sweat, but Thank Science for Adidas deodorants, I did not cause any pollution. Surprisingly, the day has come to an end and save for a running nose to add to my worries, it’s been a good one. Wait a minute, I was extremely anti-social. Didn’t want to be contagious with this dark cloud hovering over my head. HA Like I would care…… I hate wet towels, but it is strange to be one of them

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Written by Ronnie ALINDA (1)

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