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THEY MET ON A MOVIE SET #MuwadoLoveLetter22

The other day I was fortunate to be working on a local film set when I took notice of a couple of extras who had taken their role of “lunch dates” a bit more seriously than expected. Despite my busy work program for the day my mind instantly wandered off into cooking up words for what was making this man and woman laugh so sincerely in their conversation. Say the guy was called Pato and the lady Karungi, Pato seemed easy-going, beautiful smile and soft eyes. Karungi was a fair girl, with small angelic eyes and quite the exotic laugher.

In between the takes of the shoot, I saw them giggle together, and what run to mind was some sassy joke Pato threw about the scene. I imagined him asking whether she would act like the love interest to a man she found physically unattractive and she would respond… for these rates, I’d rather work in a zoo! And she would ask him if he would kiss an actress in a scene if he was already married, his response…depends on whether her appearance and my director’s explanation can enable me to cross that burning bridge! 

Karungi: So you believe that if someone is really hot, your wife should understand? 

Pato: No, she should definitely be mad, but she should also know…if director says JUMP, I ask how high! (he says wearing a big smile)

Karungi: I honestly don’t know how these guys do it, Can never be me getting involved with an actor.

Just then as my movie had started getting fleshed out, I got called back into reality and had to work. But…I also couldn’t let it end just like that. So on the next break, I stole from the work scene and returned to imagining my fanciful couple after numerous witty jokes and their hefty paychecks for a job well done. Pato asks Karungi to spend the rest of her day with him. 

Pato: Hey, uhm so I’ve really enjoyed talking to you and I’m not sure getting your number right now would even amount to anything serious after today…but

Karungi: Yea, I’m a terrible texter haha…

Pato: So you wouldn’t mind spending this money with me?… I know this really great place near here, we can actually walk there and have some actual lunch.

Karungi: Yesss yesss, let’s go! 

You ever had that ka moment when you talk to someone and you never want this person to run out of your life, yea that was Pato in this moment, and Karungi, well… she was down from the start. So Pato leads the way from the shooting location completely engulfed in hot talks with this perfect lady, even a phone call he receives in their short trek to their food destination is disconnected from the outside of his pocket. A trick learnt from having the same phone for years is you know where all buttons are reflexively. 

So these guys settle over at Mama Njeri’s little food shack, for some reason this was the name that popped up in my mind at the time. Don’t judge. Now initially Pato was worried, the shooting site they were from was a high-class restaurant, you know those places where the big dogs of Kampala city take their escorts for lunch right before the main event. Mama Njeri’s was not like that place, it had all the usual traits of a local food shack, plastic tables and chairs, with a perforated umbrella for some decoration and your good old foodie companions musca domestica. Karungi however, walks right in and swats away these guys like she’s paid to and settles in telling Pato to hurry before the waitress disappears into the kitchen. 

Karungi: Please don’t tell me you’re a vegetarian!

Pato: You know I had actually been considering it for a while, until I tried it for like a week and lost a kg, I realised this lifestyle takes a special kind of person. One who doesn’t have the crippling meat addiction I’m afflicted with.

My mans had done it again, now with the orders out they had some time to chat and well get to know each other a little bit better. So apparently Pato was an accountant in between jobs and Karungi was a model, well aspiring model, currently, she owned and worked at a clothes shop selling baby apparel. Pato had found out about the gig through a friend of his from campus and Madam K (Karungi) knew the casting director personally…

Pato: ahh, a product of nepotism.

Karungi: a girl has to eat too honey, if I know someone who knows someone, I won’t think twice.

This was the point where I took a pause on the story to think on how this Pato fellow was living my valentine fantasy. Imagine being envious of your fictitious creation, guy had met some random person developed instant chemistry, had asked her out right after receiving some sweet cash and was actually amused by her personality. Anywho…back to the story, these guys orders had just arrived when Pato received another phone call, and this time checked to see the caller, His eyes popped a bit before he switched it off again and slipped it back into his pocket. 

Karungi: Who is Paula???

Pato: Uhhm, she’s my cousin, she’s been calling me about this birthday thing I’m meant to help her organise all week and honestly speaking I am not in the mood. Plus, I prefer my company right now…who knows when I’ll ever see you again (he says with a grin on his face)

Karungi: awww, so that’s why you saved her name with all those emoji’s. Don’t mind me Mr. P just call her I’m not about to go anywhere

Pato told her he’d make the call later that night and asked her to join him partake in the fine dining of the streets. Now on top of enjoying my dream date these guys had started destroying a plate of mouth-watering wet fry pork with chilli, a bad reminder that I was going to have ugali and beans for lunch that day. 

After that sumptuous meal, the couple went on a tour across the city and they landed at THE DENZEL IMPERIAL RESORT, a recreation centre with an artificial forest, camping grounds and some cabins for accommodation. Now obviously my couple was here only for the free access beach, and hand-in-hand walked across the white sand shore lit by twinkle lights strapped to the palm trees that grew there. 

Karungi: Today, has been beautiful, thank you.

Pato: No… thank you for coming with me, I’ve never experienced this with anyone before.

Que the romantic silence, the scene drowned in hypnotic attraction as the love birds stared deeply in each others’ eyes basking in the red hue of the sunset. 

Karungi: Give me your phone and let me put my number.

And Mr. P without a second thought surrendered it. Karungi then opened the keyboard and just as she had finished typing the 8th digit to her phone number, Pato received a notification message.

Paula – Babe, where are you??? Been trying to remind you about date night!!!

Yea…Karungi saw the message and she just burst into laughter. Pato tried to hold back his smile but with shame and disappointment written all over his face.

Karungi: Myeh! Just like that….

Pato: I can explain…

Karungi: Bambi don’t embarrass yourself even more (she says this with tears of laughter)

She returned the phone to Mr. P and my man received the gadget with resentment that only opposing politicians could rival. Karungi grabbed his shirt by the collar and gave him a pitiful peck on the cheek and told him it wouldn’t have worked anyway.

Karungi: I moved in with my boyfriend last week, and I have to go back home now…thanks for everything though, it was fun while it lasted.

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Written by Denzel Maniple Everd (4)

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