Who ever knew she would land in such a trap

Of loving a promising aimlessly love

Of missing without shooting

Shouting at the top of her voice

Calling nothing but love

Believing none but a love so far away.

Feeling the heartbeat in the air

Smiling at nothingYet deeply socked in thought

Staring at an empty wallWith begging eyesBeseeching thou to beget thee.

What do you call this that is come to her?

At a time such as this.To arouse the unbattled spirits of the Virgin flower within, that awaits shining at day break

What craziness haunts this butterfly to fly in the nights to awaken this maiden flow-less flower.When the whole would is asleepAnd government says we stay at homeAnd exercise in our compound?

When the craziness of love attacks a pure soul, it is not enough to say that love is crazy.

If love is pure, let me love you purely.Even when the world is locked down!

As for now, I won’t ask why!“` PB

Phionah Bahungirehe +256 77 6 858 304

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