Steve Oundo’s Journey to Inspire, Challenge and Provoke Thought and Dialogue about Ugandan Issues through Music.

At the tender age of seven, Steve began his musical journey. He grew up listening to various kinds of music taken from the different environments he has lived in to-date. These range from African traditional music to Gospel, Jazz, Cappella and world Music. Having been inspired by his late father to learn all facets of music, today Steve is a songwriter, bassist, producer and vocalist. Steve listens to all kinds of artists and is always open to new music. He believes all musicians appeal to him in different and special ways.

Steve’s music is drawn from his life experiences; recounting things that he witnessed growing up in his land of birth. He strongly believes that music is best effective when it relates directly to existing issues. He sings reality as it flows from his heart, to his mouth. Steve Oundo’s music aims to inspire, challenge and provoke thought and dialogue about the issues that many face in his homeland, Uganda.

While directing the Deliverance Church Choir at an early age in Jinja Town, Steve realized a career in the musical arts. He then took all the experience he had gained there to Jubilee Christian Life Church where he served as their Music Director. It is then, in 2007 that Steve’s musical journey at a professional level started. Steve participated in Tusker Project Fame, 2008 as a contestant, was a guitarist and vocalist for Nguvu Jazz Band at Uganda Christian University, pioneered and started Janzi band with friends in 2009, and toured Europe in 2010 performing with Janzi Band. In late 2013 he formed S.O World Music Band which is a 4 piece band that serves up classy world music with Jazz, soul and blues undertones all through. Steve’s journey still continues as a solo artist, songwriter, music producer and Church choir director.

Steve released an album – “Traveler.” All the songs on this album are arranged and produced by him. His music cuts across different styles and is constantly inspired by a quote passed down to him by one of his mentors, Ham Winston Mayanja (aka Tshaka) – “A good song is a good song.” The album comprises of some heavy songs that address war and injustices he witnessed while growing up. There are also some beautiful ballads about love and relationships.

Steve’s every experience in his music career has been an opportunity to go higher regardless its nature positive or negative.  Today Steve Oundo’s music sales on Amazon and can be streamed on spotify.  You can also get all your updates about Steve on Facebook.


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