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Sometimes life takes you through pain so you can use it to serve others

Today I had the opportunity to preside over a matter where two parties had failed to resolve the ownership of a house. Both had made significant contributions to this house and none was willing to let go.

After hearing both parties, I advised them to forgive each other, and I advised the older party (a gentleman) to let the younger family that had been abandoned by its patriarch, retain the house. The young family needed it more than he did.

I told them it’ll feel bad to let go, but there’s more blessing in giving than in receiving. I also told them my story. That I had lost everything and was left 900,000,000/= in debt. I was justified to be angry and keep fighting, but I chose to forgive and love those who offended me.

That had I kept fighting, I’d never have gotten to Naguru – the beautiful serene office where they enjoyed a cup of coffee as they talked through their problem. That the people who treated me badly are still in rented premises, but I, who chose to forgive and keep loving, I cried for a while but life has given me back 100 fold.

I told them that if they refused to resolve the matter amicably, they’d end up in court and depending on who I chose to represent, they’d have to pay me legal fees of about 30,000,000/=. They had the choice to either make me richer or to resolve their matter between themselves and save money.

I am happy to communicate that the dispute was settled and the young family was allowed to keep the house. I charged the young family to look for money and compensate the gentleman for the loss he has incurred by all this. I also asked the gentleman to give this family time to look for the money.

We closed the meeting with a prayer – both parties praying for an influx of blessings upon our law firm, and the little girl asking for an appointment to come back to our office to share another cup of coffee. I was happy to say yes. It was an emotional departure.

I have on so many occasions realized that God allowed me to go through a rough patch not because He didn’t like me, but so I could be of better service in the workplace. I have used my story to nurse so many hearts. I don’t remember one moment where I told my story and adversaries kept fighting. I have resolved so many disputes just by sharing my story.

Sometimes life takes you through pain not to punish you, but so you can use that very pain to serve others.

Be a servant in any place you find yourself. Serve with justice, wisdom and love because one day you’ll be called upon to account for every responsibility life has entrusted you with.

My fellow lawyers I beseech you to serve and help people. We are in a position that affords us a very good opportunity to serve.

From me to you – much love!

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