We do many things here at www.muwado.com, all of them specially prepared for your reading and viewing pleasure. Some of them are very sensible  while are others are borderline stupid. But do not be afraid. It has been said by a wise guy back in the days that “one mans stupid is another mans sensible.”

Without further ado, these are the sections that www.muwado.com falls into:


  • Interviews of High Profile personalities
  • Random interviews with people that have interesting stories
  • Music, Artists, Lyrics, Videos…
  • Business Directory
  • Movie Reviews
  • Personality Profiles
  • Food and Dining
  • Technology
  • Events and Event Reviews
  • Commentary of Events in Uganda and around the world.
  • Art, Dance, Drama, Poetry, FOMO, Architecture, Books and all that artistic stuff for the sophisticated mind!
  • Memes
  • A members area for those for those who do not think subscribing is good enough. They need to stalk the website.
  • etc (I will update the list as the website grows)