Resume your activities, Museveni orders striking none-teaching staff


After looking on, but closely watching a protracted stand-off between the minister of Education and first lady Janet, President Museveni has intervened and ordered public universities’ none-teaching staff to call off their strike.

President’s directive to the none-teaching staff who have been on strike for the last one week, came on Tuesday night during a meeting between the president and the none-teaching staff at State-House Ntebbe over none payment of salary enhancement arrears amounting to Shs 28bn.

The chairperson of the none-teaching staff association Benson Betehama says that they have now called a general assembly that will take a decision on whether or not to heed to the president’s directive.

Betehama said that the president talked them out of the strike, promising to have their arrears and salaries paid up in October this year.

“In that state-house meeting, the president re-directed that our money should be availed and this will be done in the second quarter,”Betehama said, “and also asked us to resume to resume our daily activities.”

“So, as I talk now, we are calling the general assembly because the powers to suspend the strike are all vested in assembly and I think that something positive will come out of it.”

Now, the Makerere University authorities will convene a university council meeting to discuss modalities of re-opening the country’s oldest public university.


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