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January 27, 2013 (Kampala)  Locally owned software company Devolv Studio announced today that it will be launching web application Deal Marketplace available at Mr. Caesar Mukama, the 24 year old creator of the platform, says that it will help people trade commodities locally. The website service is expected to go public on the 26th of January.

Uganda has one of the height internet population penetration rates in the world. Devolv Studio says this application will empower not just individuals but also small and medium enterprises (SMEs) by providing the right tool to help market goods and services to local growing internet community. In addition to that, the appliaction is freely available, easy to use and stores an unlimited number of items per user.

The launch will provide an opportunity for Devolv Studio to improve the application, introduce more features and protect members against internet fraud. Furthermore, the move will help amend the local internet enterprenuership ecosystem.

About Deal Marketplace

Deal marketplace is an application that help people buy and sell anything locally. Members each have their own ‘shop’. The application emphasises on ease-of-use, mobile access and local content.

Deal will uphold its promise to support everybody to trading locally. Known for its simple yet functional user interface, the application also is intended to maintain commitment to smart, useful and people-friendly business transactions.

About Devolv Studio

Devolv Studio is a new-comer in the technology business industry. Devolv is responsible for creating award winning software, Dextop. Devolv Studio is run by Caesar Mukama, a 24 year old, tech entrepreneur and software developer.


According to this report by the UN, 8.1% of Ugandans were introduced to the internet between 2005 and 2009 effectively making Uganda one of fastest growing internet using countries.


Head over to our sister blog for a full interview of Caesar and his plans for


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