When was the last time you gave or received flowers?

Flowers, I never gave them much thought. I liked to see them in gardens and they looked beautiful but that was it. When I realised how much Mama loved them, plants in general, I took a deeper interest in them.

Fast forward to the ‘love conquests.’ How do you hide a bouquet to avoid questions? You don’t.
The conversation was always a variation of “These are beautiful, who are they from?”
Me: M
Her: Who is M, the one you met at the event?
Me: No, my colleague’s brother. By the way, we aren’t dating or anything.


Next day at breakfast.
Her: So, did you say M is from Mbale? What does he do again?
Me: I didn’t say

The poor woman kept mentally preparing mishanana even when I discouraged this train of thought.
And here we still are?


On the other hand, while I appreciated the gesture(s), I was probably happier because she loved them so and they genuinely brightened her mood (and the house) Hitting many birds all in one go…


I am grateful that the reasons for flowers and givers have evolved over the years. From birthdays, to ‘get well soon’, then ‘cheer up,’ celebrating a career milestone, and my favourite ‘just because.’ I love picking out flowers for people and their reactions, especially when they least expect them. You should see me on the other side after the delivery has been sent; pretending when I see their caller ID or message icon, like “Hello, why are you calling me?”?‍♀️


Recently a friend mentioned she had never received flowers, ever. I thought to myself “What?! Under my watch? Say no more.”

I find we put too much pressure on romantic relationships but also set too many expectations on other people. Buy your friends the prettiest selection for no reason or pass by the florist and pick out some Lillies for your coffee table, even if you’re the only one who’ll see/appreciate them.

(Someone is rolling their eyes thinking, just send me food, chocolate, shoes or give me the money instead)?


Needless to say, flowers are a metaphor for everything else. All our relationships need watering, from the one with your Office administrator to the Sister who raised you even when she was a child herself.
Buy your people flowers, and remind them how special they are, every chance you get.

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