#MuwadoLoveLetter Where do I start?

Dear Becky,

Anxiety keeps me on my toes.

As I type away this note.

I fear the fiend that lurks in the shadows:



The miles between us,

Have birthed a nothingness of uncertainty.

That sits close by,

In my small four-walled dark room.

Keeping me company,

Yet holding my thoughts hostage.


I dread that given granted a lifetime,

I may never be sure,

Or even understand,

Why each passing minute,

And metre keeping us asunder,

Feel like a lash,

Bleeding this frail body dry.


Each day,

Doubt lingers in my every step.

Should I trudge on or let go?

Your silence,

Plagues my emotions,

And does me no favor.

Please talk to me.


I hardly know what to say anymore.

So I choose to have a little faith,

And accept this, my fate.


I know,

That come each morning,

My yearning for you will always hold true.

And when distance deals us a blow,

I shall alter not,

For only doubt can wobble me.


So here we are…

I can’t conjure words sweeter,

My heart and soul won’t let me.

What I can summon though,

Is a tad of honesty.

You have my attention.

Please come home.


Yours ever,



What do you think?

Written by Didas Samuel

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