#MuwadoLoveLetter -just for you.

just for you:
I write, for the same reasons I breathe.
A Love Life charmed with affection. A love well coached and furnished. An affection i can’t hold back for my Heart now melts with candid purity. Midst preludes, interludes and afterlives just Percy Shelley’s prophesy. “Soul meets soul on lover’s lips” i will forever cherish.

Just like the definition of love:
It is a chemical addiction that has manipulated my entire server system,
Neither serious nor lightly but it has made me blind, deaf and completely mute!

my Soul connected to yours the very first time of encounter. I was scared if i could make it to your throne for many butterflies lingered across your eyes.

Your eyes sparked with the lightness of the stars concealed under a midnight moon.
Your sight blended with the softness of the rising sun, AND
You Communicated love to the ether midst soothing melodies of the early rising birds beneath blushes of a tendered gentility.

I chose to belong! A tradition of its own kind that I believe is a smile of friendship to last for perfect soul & the even toned purity tones with sweetened every every single day.

My love, let me enthrone you in my kingdom
where everybody shall subject to you.
Refuting your single manifesto will mean denial of my own soul.

Every single touch sets ablaze, 20%of my heart racing
Every single smile grants me 20% more reasons to live.
Every single glance paves 20% hope of love.
Every single blush reveals 10% connection of our souls.
Every single word conceals 30% of our bondage just like Adam and Eve!

It motivates me for continuity!Trust may be fragile
But you my love, i Waited patiently!
That is what I call true love!

I send words charmed with affection.
Heart shaped messages with a Love expressed with confectioneries

I breathe to you sophisticated Airs scented with a touchy kiss.
On this particular feast day.
A season celebrated of romantic love in memory of St. Valentine.
Of my consent to traditional treasuries of love
In wealth and poverty, in health and sickness, till death do us apart!


Written by Nandutu Eva (0)

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#MuwadoLoveLetter A rouge Kind Of Love