tall dark and hungry


Disclaimer: Characters here are fictional. Any resemblance to real life persons is purely coincidental. The cover picture for this story is from a novel by Lynsay Sands

Author note: Another one from my drives and one of my few attempts to go near this genre since I dislike it

Hello Maddie.

Why do you look so frightened? Has my sudden appearance in your bedroom startled you? Is this not what you always wanted? Come now, Maddie, smile for me. I am here to fulfill your dreams and wishes and believe me when I say that this hurts me more than it hurts you.

From the moment we met, I tried to push you away. Do you recall that moment? That strange night when you found me in that seedy bar pretending to drink whatever foul concoction the bartender had placed before me?

Yes, I can see your eyes lighting up in recollection along with something else mixing with your current fear. Is that regret that I see?

Trust me when I say you are not the only one who regrets that meeting.

As I was saying, I did try to push you away. When you walked up to me, swaying your hips from side to side, catching every eye in that place, did you expect me to drop to my knees asking for your hand? My ignoring your shameful walk did not faze you and neither did my obvious desire to be left alone for you sat beside me and talked for hours.

Maddie, you were a fool that night. When you chose to slide your hand up my thigh, what did you want me to do? Lean forward and gaze into your eyes with a hunger that I am showing you now? Ah, Maddie, would you have appreciated that?


At your touch, I leaped to my feet and left the bar. I heard you giggle, Maddie. I heard you laugh in your foolish way at my apparent shyness and your desire to conquer me.

You were a pain, Maddie, a pain. Each time I went to that bar, I found you there. The bartender warned me that you had been asking about me; that you had even set up a couple of spies to keep a lookout for me. What kept drawing you to me? Was it my looks? I do not know, seeing as I abhor mirrors and could not tell. Did you not notice that the few other ladies in the bar steered clear of me and tried to warn you? That perhaps their instincts served them better?

Yet you laughed at and mocked them for their actions. You pursued me, Maddie; pursued me like no one else before. It made me wonder which one of us was meant to be the prey.

Do you remember the day I finally spoke to you? Ah yes, I told you I was a beast and that you ought to stay away from me. Like the fool you were, you giggled and fluttered your eyelashes at me. Is there more than one meaning to the term beast? I wish to know because it seemed to cause your heart rate and temperature to rise.

It’s not the same now, is it, Maddie? You are seeing the beast I was referring to that night. I apologise for I did try to keep this creature under control but your persistence broke the work of several years, work that had gone into restraining this creature.

I hate you, Maddie, hate you for what you have done. I hate you for ruining my work and releasing this foul thing. I hate you for not having had the sense to stay away. I hate you for once the beast is done with you, it will not rest and will hunt others.

And yet as I hate you, I pity you. I pity your common sense which is only now just returning as you try to scramble away from me. I pity your foolish pleas for they are falling on deaf ears in a manner similar to when you ignored my warnings to stay away.

Come closer, Maddie. I am going to make this end quickly. The hunger of the beast has taken over and I cannot waste any more time. You are so soft in my arms, and your frail attempts to fight me off just make me smile.Do forgive me, Maddie, for it appears my smile has revealed these teeth of mine.

It will be over soon, Maddie. I only have to place this kiss on your neck and ah…yes…sweet bliss. My hunger is being sated.

Close your eyes, Maddie. You once asked to see the real me and this is who I am. I believe you once claimed to be in love with me but allow me to share one last secret as your eyelids droop down while I drain your life’s blood. Do you wish to hear my wise words, Maddie?

Love sucks.  


Written by Caractasaurus (0)

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