I posted on my social media asking for thoughts about a breakfast series where I review restaurants/ hotels with the best breakfast options around Kampala. The response was positive. I think we all need this. 

As many of you will agree with me, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you have a really good breakfast, you may not even need to eat anything else for the rest of the day.

If you’re observant, you will notice that many restaurants are making a deliberate effort to push their breakfast menus, and in pursuit of this, they have come up with really attractive breakfast combinations that offer great value for money.

Look at Cafe Javas with their Big on Breakfast campaign. It’s probably the most popular breakfast destination restaurant in town because of the variety of options they offer with their different combinations that involve protein (in form of eggs, sausages, steak), carbs (chapati, pancakes, potatoes, bread), fruits, teas, and juice. So whichever combination you go with, chances are that you’ll have a bit of everything from the whole selection and most of these combos go for 25k.

Similar combinations can be seen at Caramel Café & Lounge where for the same price range, you’ll get a combination that has protein, carbs, vegetables, tea/ coffee, juice with perhaps a little bit more pricy options of the above that includes items like salmon, turkey bacon, cheese and olives.

Cross over to Endiro Coffee at Kisementi or Muyenga and you’ll find similar combinations on their breakfast menu. Order for “The Muzungu” for example and you’ll get waffles, steak, bacon/ sausages, eggs (whichever way you want them), hash browns and bottomless coffee at only 20k.

Personally, I find myself eating breakfast in the same restaurants around Kisementi. Caramel, Javas, Cafesserie (breakfast pictures in article featured image), and Endiro. If you love your food as much as I love mine, you’d want to explore the different options available out there. So in this quest, I am going to leave out these particular restaurants I’ve mentioned here so I can see what other restaurants have to offer on the breakfast front.

I am tempted to include hotels (for their a la carte menu, not buffet) on the lineup but if experience has taught me anything, it’s the fact that even 5 star hotels don’t tend to fare well against the top restaurants when it comes to food service delivery and value for money. But I’ll try not to carry this bias with me on this quest.

Again, the idea is to explore the different breakfast combinations that deliver the best value for money in my experience. If you know any restaurant or hotel around Kampala that has really tempting breakfast options, please make your recommendations in the comments.

In the pictures below are sample breakfast combos I’ve had in Kamwokya restaurants. Can’t wait to try out new breakfast options you’re going to recommend.

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