It's the little things in life

One of my boda guys, *George* has been mesmerised by the 40 Days Over 40 Smiles Foundation backpacks since he first saw them.

If he had to make a delivery, he would start by saying something about the bag, at least 2/3 times. The comments ranged from the quality, colour, texture to questions about price.

He said it was costly but he would save and get it one day.

The most recurring conversation was around him owning his. After the first few times, I made a mental note to get him one. I also decided to save and give him a Christmas gift I knew he wanted. 

The Christmas season was a rollercoaster I didn’t get round to it. Still, it was in my room, where I could see it as a reminder, every day. It became a ‘new year gift.’

I called George and he came over, ready to pick up a delivery, except this time it was his.

Me: This is yours. Happy new year!

Him: *Stares at me quizzically*

Half a minute later….

Him: What?!

Me: It’s a gift for you. Thanks for all you do for me.

Him: *Holds the bag as if displaying it, turning it around.

Looks at the bag, sighs, looks back at me, then the bag, mostly the bag. *

Kyonkolede kyamagero nnyo!

Me: Sinnyo

He spoke countless blessings into my life until I had to bid him goodbye and run away from the scalding kasana (how are you people managing?)


We know that quite often it’s the little things but it still gives me all the fuzzy feelings, every time. May you spread/receive that unexpected kindness which reminds you of all that is (still) good with humanity.

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