Introducing #RedPillAfrica: Video 01 – My Solution to Africa's Problems

I have created a framework to unpack the problem of Africa as I write about it in my 3 books. Through a series of postings and videos under the hashtags #RedPillAfrica and #EDISAC, I will roll out the framework.

I. In the 1999 blockbuster movie The Matrix, there is a memorable scene in which the rebel leader Morpheus offers Neo – the main character, a choice between taking the red pill or the blue pill. Morpheus tells Neo: “You take the blue pill…the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill…you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

II. Welcome to #**RedPillAfrica**. I have created a series of postings and videos under the hashtag of #RedPillAfrica to discuss the hard truths about transforming ourselves as Africans. It’s a fact that in order to find the real truth about Africa, most times you have to turn off the TVs, you have to disregard a lot of things that we are taught and a mixture of the effects of our colonial education and the political culture of victimhood that we internalise from childhood, prevent us from facing the hard realities of Africa in the modern times. I will be discussing what I believe are the real fundamental problems we face, and the potential solutions that each of us can offer as long as we are willing to go down the rabbit hole, as deep as it takes us.

III. From my 3 books, I have created a framework I call EDISAC, which presents the hard truths about transforming ourselves as Africans. EDISAC argues for specific potential solutions that each of us can be part of as long as we are willing to go down the rabbit hole. If you can’t stomach the hard truths and realities of our existence as Africans, I am sure you might have problems with how deep in the rabbit hole, the framework goes.

IV. The EDISAC framework is a new multi-faceted way of thinking that aims to inspire Africans to consolidate our intelligence and deepen our collective memories beyond oral tribes and the colonial countries. We do this by internalizing a line of reasoning that starts from admitting the truth that our fundamental problems are a result of an **Error from past tribal ancestors** that has left us taking either the tribe, foreign religions or the colonial state as our **Dominant Identities** instead of a continental African identity. 

The journey to creating a dominant African identity starts with **Individuation** – each of us becoming an autonomous individual who develops deep personal agency as opposed to merely belonging to our groups of birth. It is only as individualized people that we shall get onto the hero journey of **Searching** or exploring both the physical world and great books of wisdom to add value to our society. We add value through written **Articulation **of the new-found wisdom. Lastly, it’s through healthy debates within the public square about what we have articulated, that we shall find consensus to transform our pre-modern tribal existence into a unique African **Civilizational Existence** fit for the modern era. 

a. With all the mountain of problems we have as Africans, do you choose to take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill? I choose the Red Pill.

b. However, deciding what pill to take requires you to be an independent thinking individual. What have you done to break away from tribal groupthink?

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